The Natural Disorder

 Second Law of Thermodynamics states the universal principle of entropy…
Oh this one is natural... just natural...

Ooops! Before you call for security and start to scream for geek alert, I’ll start calling your Mom telling about this so that she’ll understand better what’s really happening to us when we run so that they’ll understand better.

Alright, what’s really telling us about this law is the disorder; meaning that disorder is natural in this world, and we would need to exert a great force if we want to get rid of that disorder. How can we relate this to running?

When we started doing our first race, we had a hard-time right? It took us a lot to finish it and it was not really easy. There are disorders that we have encountered along the route; side stitches, chaffing, muscle pains and all; yet, with the great force or the great effort that we gave, we indeed manage to finish it.

So what are those disorders that we have encountered and what amount of force should we need to give in so that it will be eliminated?


Side Stitch



Don't get surprised when side stitch hit yah!

I have no idea what to do when I first encountered this, while running, there has been an excruciating pain that pierced me in the lower edge of my ribcage. I don’t even know what it’s called until someone told me its side stitch. According to the source that I have read, this pain may have caused by the contraction of the liver or spleen, which squeeze extra oxygen carrying blood cells into circulation.


We definitely need to improve our fitness because our body will eventually get used to our running activity as if it’s being into physiotherapy. Proper warm up and hydration should also do the trick and increasing the exercise intensity when running.




You should've been properly hydrated bud!
You should be properly hydrated bud!


This one occurred to me when I was running one of my 21K race. Cramps making me to stop to take walk breaks and rest. Yes, it was painful and you can really feel that your muscle is contracting or over shortening! Scream if you want but it won’t definitely remove the pain. Dehydration, Low calcium, sodium and potassium levels might have caused this because all of them depletes while you are running. Sodium holds water in our body and if it depletes, water will definitely join out of the body.



Don’t let dehydration get’s in your way, hydrate and do it strategically.  If cramps already occurred, and you’re like 10Km away to the finish-line, you could either give-up or proceed. And because you have this no-to-did-not-finish-runner and no-i-am-not-going-to-ride-a-bus attitude, you’d need to nurse the cramps. Massage may help or jog slowly as if you are doing a soft massage on the affected area, well that worked for me!





This guy is still chaffing free!

Can you feel it in under you crotch? In your underarm or in your nips? That’s because your skin rubs your shirt or your underwear and friction is taking in place. I know it’s irritating right from the start and it suck when it’s getting worse and you’ll regret that you have worn your singlet with cool design on it. Haha!


You should’ve a put petroleum jelly right from the very start; however, if the wound is starting to smile, then, try protecting it as soon as possible, oil, lotion or petroleum jelly could still help you out but if you’re somewhere in the middle of the race and no help can be considered, then, the only way for you to do it is to sing U2’s Stuck In a Moment!





Call your friends for help! Nyaaa!



Your feet is burning like hell while running until you noticed that fluid has collected under your skin, Blame it to your shoes if you like but my, friend, you just encountered blisters. Lucky you if you never encountered that but don’t be overconfident! It could still happen due to friction causing extreme heat.


Your ever dearest petroleum jelly, lotion oil or talcum powder could help you out on this, but then again, if you’re a couple of kilometres away from the finish line, you already know what to sing… After that, once you’re done, check your socks if it’s the one guilty of the crime, then give the benefit of the doubt by looking at your pair of shoes.

DNF never existed in my braincells.. LOL!

That’s all I know for now, the natural disorders that we encounter during a run. Stuffs that I have encoutered making me want to give up a race; however,  because DNF (Did Not Finish) never existed in my braincells, I tried finishing the races that I have joined despite of all the nasty mishaps; and a great amount of force is what I have given in to it.


Reference: Click each topic for more info!


7 thoughts on “The Natural Disorder

  1. ang nerdoks ng blog mo dude! ahahaha kailangan ng interpreter! hahaha 😉

    pero in fairness, pasok naman kahit paaano ang minute maid sa usapang ito 🙂 hahaha

  2. Hehehe nice Del… at ginawa mo nga ..
    Sayang wla CHelly don sa group pics :)..

    Sleepy na ko Del.. read thru ko ulit sya next time.. ngayon yung mga points points lang muna hehehe…

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