A Weekend with the Balloons

Last week, I am really craving to go outdoor, maybe go mountain climbing or backpacking; however my schedule and time limit me from doing things that I want.  Suddenly, my sister invited me in their school field trip and without hesitation, I signed up for it.

The Invitation

We were a bit late but good thing I was still able to get a few pictures.

Too bad, he the ballloon didn't face us. 😦

This turtle never faced us!  I am expecting too much that it will but sadly, it did not happen.

glug-glug-glug! would you want a shot?

 Beer like balloon is facinating, thinking you would want to have a shot of it.


 Sunshine to brighten up the day!

Balloons soaring up in the sky!

 Ballons flying one by one, and was indeed delightful to see.

Oh boy, i wish to be one of them!

Free flyers soaring up in the air! Another eye candy.

maybe I can also try this...

The place is windy and kiting would also be fun!

Are they called kiters? kiteman? oh whatever!

These guys were doing synchronize kiting, i just forgot to take a picture of the kites. lol!

father and son

 This is also another great day to bond with your family. 

Overall, I would say that the event is fun only if you didn’t miss the balloon because all of them are gone by 8AM, also I guess I wouldn’t be enjoying much of it if I’m not taking pictures.  LoL!


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