BDM Starting Line

What does it take to unleash one’s potential?  Was it determination to conquer and achieve your goal or was it when you are trapped in a situation where there is no turning back?  Was it courage to face your  fear or pride of not being defeated?  Was it finishing a race and realize how far you have gone or was it giving up and learning what you have experienced from it?

Whatever our reason is, I’m sure that it must be reasonable…  We have our own ideals that we believe and we would always cling on that no matter what.   That made me unleashed my full potential…


19 thoughts on “Unleashing

  1. Parang gusto ko na tuloy mag-blog. Hahaha. Awaiting your complete BDM blog, Argo. COngratulations. Honor to your Dad.

  2. grabe your sacrifice and preseverance during the run. but we all knew you would finish because of your motivation for this race.

    congratulations topless argonaut runner!!! 😉

  3. congrats, argo..nice job! i saw the picture of your father! i know the feeling when my mom passed away after finishing the subic marathon in 2008

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