On Being an Aquathlete (Ateneo Aquathlon)

Either you’re an aquathlete or your not an aquathlete…

Am I not so serious?

Despite of the SWAC (Sheer Will’s Aquathlon Cup) series that I have attended, I consider Ateneo Aquathlon as my first official aquathlon; however, I owe my experience to the SWAC itself for it has given me confidence in joining this kind of event despite that fact that I’m still square 1 at swimming.

Wilnar still at his best even after an 8.8 Km warm up in UP

I may not perform well in swim-leg but I still believe that I can do better in running… That’s what I thought…  After the swim-leg, I rushed with my new pair of shoes which I will not disclose (lol).  I was doing fine but after a few minutes my right leg sore so much from my knees down to my shins that made me walk frequently.  Good thing that I only joined the LITE category and that I would only need to accomplish 3 Km and my suffering wouldn’t be that long. 

What happened?

Lonely Argo in Pain...

Back to my sour-grape speech, there could be two things why I end up walking in that three-kilometer race. One is my BDM leg-trauma.  I was in denial telling that my legs are fine, but truth is, it still hurts and that rest is necessary.  Yes, I’m stubborn! Blame me! Next is my suspicious pair of shoes that I haven’t really tried on and yet I decided to break it in the real race; Silly me for learning it the hard way for breaking in a pair of shoes on a race day.

Takbo.ph family participant and support group. (Pati sa aquathlon my support group)

Overall, I maybe disappointed by my performance yet, I am glad about this experience.  My grades in swimming lessons may still be flunking at present but I am very optimistic that it will improve in no time… Till the next aquathlon… or maybe triatlhlon…

Thanks Timmy for the pictures... I guess I need to teach you some tips... LOL! But still you've done a great job! Thanks also for the support! Tee-hee!!!


Allan Roy Martos for assisting me on my registration.

Earl Quero for the ride to Ateneo.

Takbo.ph for the support and food.

Timmy and Marvin for some pictures.


24 thoughts on “On Being an Aquathlete (Ateneo Aquathlon)

  1. Congrats bro! Ultra, aqua… what’s next on your list… Tri on 11th April, du on 18th April… Half Ironman in August!!!… sign up na idol… 🙂 no doubt, you can do them all…

  2. good jobs argonaut! just wants you to know that this is one the funniest blogs i ever read, even more funnier than the running ninja. both the two of you makes everyone laugh without much effort. btw, is your suspicion about your anonymous shoes correct?

    please continue to be an inspiration to others who want to be a bloggers, i guess you’re in the good company together with the very famous bloggers in your group. more powers to come and i will waiting for your next blogpost.

    ciao! =)

  3. My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

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