The Law of Interaction (Globe Run for Home)

For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. –  3rd Law of Motion, Isaac Newton

All is well towards the finish line

Globe Run For Home is my third official 15K.  First was Mizuno Infinity Run and the other one was Men’s Health All Terrain Race.  Both of which I was not able to perform well.  In Mizuno was beause of eating Longganisa prior to the race and in Men’s Health was because of bringing my SLR in the race itself. 

I actually registered for 15K thinking that this will be a PR race for me so as to at least give a nice record on my 15K belt; however, because of the still existing trauma that I had last Bataan Death March, I have decided to take it easy because I got paranoid of getting injured.  Race day occured and that’s what I really did.  I tried pushing myself but when I felt that I my legs starts to sore, I called it quits. I suddenly remebered Newton’s Law of Motion, that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction; That if I push it like a horse or like AceBalasador and Mutant Wilnar Iglesia, I might end up getting maimed for my body is still under recovery. 

Or how about pacing with these BDM fairies?

Good thing I chose the right thing.  I was still smiling to the finish line even though it was not really a strong finish but no doubt that I have enjoyed this one.

with my anti-boring pacers

Thanks Cess and Suzi for pacing me.  The race itself would have been boring without your company.  Paul, a.k.a. Ronin of for registering me, Photovendo for the pictures (I got 26 nice shots)  and to for providing a nice race., another great moment!

10 thoughts on “The Law of Interaction (Globe Run for Home)

  1. No prob argo! Nice pacing with you too.

    Haha, natawa lang ako, unahan kita ng 1 second sa gun time. 🙂 Naunahan ko si Argo, woohoo!!! (neber na yun mangyayaro)

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