What’s for Breakfast?

Upon arriving to Baguio, we have decided to have a breakfast first.  We have chosen Cafe by the Ruins as recommended by Cindy, the Drunkenlily.  I won’t do the talking anymore; just enjoy the food by just looking at it…

Chocolate Porridge and Dried Dalag

This is what I got.

Look at the color of the rice.

 Yup, this one is a bacon… A thick one.


Another breakfast special where they hae chopped the longganisa into bits.


Rice meals are served with fruits.


Served with coffee with honey and lemon too.

Cafe by the Ruins is located somewhere in the heart of Baguio City; probably a couple of meters away from the city hall and a kilometer or two from Burnham Park.  I’m sure that it’s not only the food that you’ll enjoy but also the ambiance for the restaurant is made up of wood and bamboo to get a cooler athmosphere. 

Try it and see for yourself…

A Walk to Remember (TNF 100)

I want to be in two places at one time???

Defying Limits!

Oh what can I say? Even though my hardships are incomparable with those who ran 100K, Indeed that The North Face lived to their tag line, “DEFY YOUR LIMITS” and “NEVER STOP EXPLORING”.

We seemed like to have climb a lot in the race.  It never ran out of uphills that are gruesome and the downhills are risky as well.  Ilost my phone,  almost ran out of water and food; I’ve walked probably 90% of the trail making this a walk to remember…

A story to tell soon…


Le Chatelier’s Principle

Le Chatelier in action...

Any change in status quo prompts an opposing reaction in the responding system.  

That is what the french chemist named Le Chatelier together with a companion had observed in one of their experiments…  Yes, he was talking about the chemical equilibrium.  

Call me geek again but this principle is a general fact even for an outdoorsman or a runner or in any people alive.

Let us exemplify.

  • A man suddenly realized the splendor of running; he tried running so fast until he got so sore that his body couldn’t take anymore. The divergent reaction is that his body will try to recover until he it reach to a point that it is well again and until he can tire himself again. 
  • Another guy was awake all night every night  trying to finish stuffs that he needs to do, because he didn’t really do it everyday, he fell asleep on a coach one time and he found himself aslept for more than a day until he’s back to his oldself again.


  • This runner tried joining a 100 Km race.  Of course, he definitely don’t do this everyday or every week or even every month.  Indeed that the thought is dreadful and this fact is risky. Upon reaching the finish-line, he colapsed and needs to be sent to the hospital. Again, his body eventually recovered.
He tried...

So what is the argument?  Yes, absolutely true that we can do things that we far can ever imagined; however, because we have a so called “system” that was disturbed, our body will react in such a way that it can maintain equilibrium.  That is why we rest to regain our strength. Yes, we can go back to our oldself again once we have rested so well,  but I strongly believe that it’s still improper to tire our body so much that we couldn’t take anymore.  (oh perhaps sometimes…)


The Caramoan Adventure

Caramoan Peninsula; source: wikipedia.org

Caramoan…  A neck of land in Bicol Region in the province of Camarines Sur… Unarguably a paradise for most people but who would have thought that we will be embittered in this place by a chap who promised us an exhilarating pursuit but end up to be a fantasy when we arrived at the location… I don’t want to mention how crap it had been but I could say that it significantly ruined our supposed to be trip and my vision of having a good race. 

Oh, we are ready to battle...

It was one of the long trips I had.  We left Thursday night at arrived at the peninsula Friday afternoon.  Prolonged stop-over might have provoked the cause of delay and so the miscommunications.  We put up our tent and cooked dinner Friday night and had a little bit of socials while our president Fads, went for a meeting to talk about the unfortunate incident.  The meeting eventually changed all of our plans in the morning. 

sea of tents
Fish-roasting 101

Saturday, we have decided to just enjoy our day because crying over spilled milk wouldn’t do anymore good to us. After Breakfast, we immediately moved and island hopped. 

Simple things money can't buy.
photo-oppotunity... priceless.
An island near the peninsula
a view in caramoan

Picture taking per island wouldn’t definitely be missed and the thought regarding the “supposed-to-be-race” was almost forgotten.  We even went to the island were the phenomenal “SURVIVOR” is taking place. 

Locals say it's Survivor Israel
Gang cam-whoring.

We also climb in Caramoan’s highest peak (Geez! I forgot the mountain’s name). The 500 steps to the summit made my knees wobble (lack of mountain climbing training punished me) but the view was exhilarating above.  

View from the top
view from the top
Another view from the top
An Image of Mary at the Summit

It was an astounding day for all of us despite of the sore body that we had.  We had our dinner and had another social after and went to our tents to sleep.  We almost thought that the organizer’s failure had already put to an end… but we are all wrong.  We left the campsite at 6AM so that we will be able to reach Talisay Port earlier.  It was a three-hour boat-ride that made me feel dehydrated and exhausted due to heat.  

Last boat to arrive Talisay port

Upon reaching the post, all of us were delighted to see the buses because we think we can go; but we were all surprised to know that the buses can’t leave yet until everything was settled.  We have no choice but to wait for hours for the action plan that the whole group is doing.  All of us were stressed on what had happened and at the same time angry.  I couldn’t blame the group for we know how we were cheated. 

Exhauted and Pissed off paticipants...

Eventually, buses with loads of mountaineers, runners and adventurers left at 8PM and arrived in Manila at 3AM.  Some of the group went to Camp Crame to sue the organizer.  I am not sure what had happened afterwards as I went home for I still have my day job waiting for me. 

Overall, what had happened in Caramoan is very unfortunate not only for us who joined but for the organizers as well.  I am not sure what the real story behind it was, yet I hope that justice will prevail and may this be a lesson for all of us… 

Locals of Caramoan...

In behalf of our group, I would like to thank the locals of Caramoan who were kind enough to accommodate some of our needs.  They may not be rich people but they have shown us hospitality that we truly appreciate… Again, Thank you.

Till next time, Caramoan

Talamitam, A Grassland


Yes, I have registered for 50 Km in the upcoming TNF 100 that will be held in Baguio.  I may say that I am confident now with a 100 Km road race because of Bataan Death March (BDM) but seriously,  100 Km trail run in Baguio could be doubtful.  I don’t want to pressure myself  so I just registered a distance that I think I can at least finished.  TNF50.

A view of the peak

In lieu of the race event, I have decided to go for a day hike for a bit of training.  I asked an old friend Joel to accompany me on this on during our hike,  A long lost friend that I haven’t seen for nine years.

Trek starts...

Mt Talamitam was located in Nasugbu, Batangas at Km 83 Mark referencing Km 0 in Luneta.  We started at 10:20 AM.  On the trail, I immediately felt exaustion, probably due to minimal mileage for the past few weeks or probably due to the terrain that is I haven’t encountered for so long.  

A view along the road

We definitely had no intentions of running on this one but to at least get acclimated with the trail plus to enjoy the view.  Taking pictures of the place was another thing that I have enjoyed so well.


 Talamitam, despite of the heat was windy and indeed relaxing. 

Another View
View below
Another view of the peak

 Going up was tiring yet fun; however, when we are starting to aim for the summit before noon, we noticed that some of the tall  drying  grass seemed to have been burnt.  

Who ever did this must explain...

 We’re not really sure what happened.  If this was done by accident or on purpose, but we have suspected that it was done on purpose in order for the new grass to replace the drying taller grass.  I am not sure if this is a good thing or not… yet looking at the summit, it was, I dare say sadly, unpleasant… 

Photo op or trail running?

 Going down was easy, but a little bit boring, so we tried doing run walk strategy.  We have some picture taking too! Action shots!

Going down...



 While we end up our hike,  we went to the mountain spring to freshen up.  We took almost more than 30 minutes enojoying its cool water.

Spring to freshen up our sore body...

At last were done… and were hungry.  Reaching the jump off at 2:30, We have decided to eat.  Halo-halo, and softdrinks felt as if were at cloud 9,  lol!

Halo-halo and softdrinks!

Overall, I think that our day trip is fun.  I know that there are parts of the place that are somewhat disappointing, yet, Talamitam still got a beauty that we can appreciate.  It will always be fun to go back.  Indeed a good training for TNF.

Till our next climb...

Thank you Lord for this wonderful day…

More of Talamitam pic here

BDM Snap Shots

I kept on looking for in the net looking for more of my running photos.  I could almost give up looking for them until I suddenly remembered that Emil is keeping alot.

Thanks my friend, for capturing this moment for me…

Self Proclaimed Team CB as our Support Crew

These three were all waiting for us to arrive.

Take it off!

 It was so humid that time, that I decided to remove my singlet…  Still humid but it relaxed me a bit.

Oh no, but what have I done wrong...

Km I approached Km 50… yes, I am enduring a pain, and it drives me up the wall…

Managed to Smile at the halfway...

 Tried smiling halfway for a photo oppotunity; however, my heart is full of doubts at this moment for the fear of not finishing the race…

Resting somewhere...

That’s less than 10Km left and I’m done… crazy…

Oh no, don't look down...

 I have decided to removed my shoes due to blisters…  I tried running and then walking… 

To the finish (enter chariots of fire soundtrack)

A guy at the back trying to outran me after seeing how close I amto him…  It my competetive spirit and pride that dragged me to push even more…

At last... it was the finishline

 Finished at last…  Baldrunner put on the not so big medal on me and handed me the trophy as well…

Thanks Emil for these shots..  more of his BDM pictures here