Talamitam, A Grassland


Yes, I have registered for 50 Km in the upcoming TNF 100 that will be held in Baguio.  I may say that I am confident now with a 100 Km road race because of Bataan Death March (BDM) but seriously,  100 Km trail run in Baguio could be doubtful.  I don’t want to pressure myself  so I just registered a distance that I think I can at least finished.  TNF50.

A view of the peak

In lieu of the race event, I have decided to go for a day hike for a bit of training.  I asked an old friend Joel to accompany me on this on during our hike,  A long lost friend that I haven’t seen for nine years.

Trek starts...

Mt Talamitam was located in Nasugbu, Batangas at Km 83 Mark referencing Km 0 in Luneta.  We started at 10:20 AM.  On the trail, I immediately felt exaustion, probably due to minimal mileage for the past few weeks or probably due to the terrain that is I haven’t encountered for so long.  

A view along the road

We definitely had no intentions of running on this one but to at least get acclimated with the trail plus to enjoy the view.  Taking pictures of the place was another thing that I have enjoyed so well.


 Talamitam, despite of the heat was windy and indeed relaxing. 

Another View
View below
Another view of the peak

 Going up was tiring yet fun; however, when we are starting to aim for the summit before noon, we noticed that some of the tall  drying  grass seemed to have been burnt.  

Who ever did this must explain...

 We’re not really sure what happened.  If this was done by accident or on purpose, but we have suspected that it was done on purpose in order for the new grass to replace the drying taller grass.  I am not sure if this is a good thing or not… yet looking at the summit, it was, I dare say sadly, unpleasant… 

Photo op or trail running?

 Going down was easy, but a little bit boring, so we tried doing run walk strategy.  We have some picture taking too! Action shots!

Going down...



 While we end up our hike,  we went to the mountain spring to freshen up.  We took almost more than 30 minutes enojoying its cool water.

Spring to freshen up our sore body...

At last were done… and were hungry.  Reaching the jump off at 2:30, We have decided to eat.  Halo-halo, and softdrinks felt as if were at cloud 9,  lol!

Halo-halo and softdrinks!

Overall, I think that our day trip is fun.  I know that there are parts of the place that are somewhat disappointing, yet, Talamitam still got a beauty that we can appreciate.  It will always be fun to go back.  Indeed a good training for TNF.

Till our next climb...

Thank you Lord for this wonderful day…

More of Talamitam pic here


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