The Caramoan Adventure

Caramoan Peninsula; source:

Caramoan…  A neck of land in Bicol Region in the province of Camarines Sur… Unarguably a paradise for most people but who would have thought that we will be embittered in this place by a chap who promised us an exhilarating pursuit but end up to be a fantasy when we arrived at the location… I don’t want to mention how crap it had been but I could say that it significantly ruined our supposed to be trip and my vision of having a good race. 

Oh, we are ready to battle...

It was one of the long trips I had.  We left Thursday night at arrived at the peninsula Friday afternoon.  Prolonged stop-over might have provoked the cause of delay and so the miscommunications.  We put up our tent and cooked dinner Friday night and had a little bit of socials while our president Fads, went for a meeting to talk about the unfortunate incident.  The meeting eventually changed all of our plans in the morning. 

sea of tents
Fish-roasting 101

Saturday, we have decided to just enjoy our day because crying over spilled milk wouldn’t do anymore good to us. After Breakfast, we immediately moved and island hopped. 

Simple things money can't buy.
photo-oppotunity... priceless.
An island near the peninsula
a view in caramoan

Picture taking per island wouldn’t definitely be missed and the thought regarding the “supposed-to-be-race” was almost forgotten.  We even went to the island were the phenomenal “SURVIVOR” is taking place. 

Locals say it's Survivor Israel
Gang cam-whoring.

We also climb in Caramoan’s highest peak (Geez! I forgot the mountain’s name). The 500 steps to the summit made my knees wobble (lack of mountain climbing training punished me) but the view was exhilarating above.  

View from the top
view from the top
Another view from the top
An Image of Mary at the Summit

It was an astounding day for all of us despite of the sore body that we had.  We had our dinner and had another social after and went to our tents to sleep.  We almost thought that the organizer’s failure had already put to an end… but we are all wrong.  We left the campsite at 6AM so that we will be able to reach Talisay Port earlier.  It was a three-hour boat-ride that made me feel dehydrated and exhausted due to heat.  

Last boat to arrive Talisay port

Upon reaching the post, all of us were delighted to see the buses because we think we can go; but we were all surprised to know that the buses can’t leave yet until everything was settled.  We have no choice but to wait for hours for the action plan that the whole group is doing.  All of us were stressed on what had happened and at the same time angry.  I couldn’t blame the group for we know how we were cheated. 

Exhauted and Pissed off paticipants...

Eventually, buses with loads of mountaineers, runners and adventurers left at 8PM and arrived in Manila at 3AM.  Some of the group went to Camp Crame to sue the organizer.  I am not sure what had happened afterwards as I went home for I still have my day job waiting for me. 

Overall, what had happened in Caramoan is very unfortunate not only for us who joined but for the organizers as well.  I am not sure what the real story behind it was, yet I hope that justice will prevail and may this be a lesson for all of us… 

Locals of Caramoan...

In behalf of our group, I would like to thank the locals of Caramoan who were kind enough to accommodate some of our needs.  They may not be rich people but they have shown us hospitality that we truly appreciate… Again, Thank you.

Till next time, Caramoan

13 thoughts on “The Caramoan Adventure

  1. Despite the adversity, I really enjoyed the bond and the camaraderie established by our club, SyOut. That’s what matters most. And as Rhone had said, being mad is a choice. I chose otherwise. 🙂

  2. nice pics bro! pero sino yung organizer? walang explanations? may balls to invite pero walang balls to apologize and rectify things? wtf!

    buti na lang, you directed your energies to the positives. very good character you’ve shown there brother!

  3. Anong event yan? OMG I sure hope they get legal actions that they deserve so that those “trying” to organize events would think hard before harvesting people’s money.

    It’s a good thing that nothing too serious happened with you there (and I was starting to be envious because of your photos). Good vibes–there’s still a thing called KARMA 🙂

  4. Nice pics and description of your really tiring event.. but gosh.. so many good views..
    nice one Argo.. thanks for the sharing, Caramonan will be one of the good place i will remember when i will think of a place to go to. =)

  5. Hi sir, you are also part of the caramoan misadventure hehe. I’m also there, sayang yung preparation at expectation. But your right Caramoan is a great place, sarap balikan. By the way sir im also part of adination run at alabang. See you there.

    1. Hey JP. Right, sayang yung preparation, you know what, I feel that Anthony Go doesn’t mean anything bad. He doesn’t really want to screw all of us who were in Caramoan.. I guess the only issue is that he poorly facilitated the event without informing us about his plans, not to mention neglecting us when we are about to leave the peninsula… Still, those were unforgivable.
      See you on the road brother.

  6. wow, your group is so unfortunate to have experienced this. but fortunately, you were all level headed and tempers didn’t flare up when there is provocation when the organizer did not inform you about his plans.

    glad to hear that despite of everything, you and every member of your group were able to have a good time at the several socials you had during your stay. it was good that your group has an action plan in times like this, also, that you together with the buses were eventually allowed to leave after everything was settled.

    i hope that everyone who joined this event will be given justice because “justice delayed, is justice denied”!

    more power and more adventures to come mr. argonaut!

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