Le Chatelier’s Principle

Le Chatelier in action...

Any change in status quo prompts an opposing reaction in the responding system.  

That is what the french chemist named Le Chatelier together with a companion had observed in one of their experiments…  Yes, he was talking about the chemical equilibrium.  

Call me geek again but this principle is a general fact even for an outdoorsman or a runner or in any people alive.

Let us exemplify.

  • A man suddenly realized the splendor of running; he tried running so fast until he got so sore that his body couldn’t take anymore. The divergent reaction is that his body will try to recover until he it reach to a point that it is well again and until he can tire himself again. 
  • Another guy was awake all night every night  trying to finish stuffs that he needs to do, because he didn’t really do it everyday, he fell asleep on a coach one time and he found himself aslept for more than a day until he’s back to his oldself again.


  • This runner tried joining a 100 Km race.  Of course, he definitely don’t do this everyday or every week or even every month.  Indeed that the thought is dreadful and this fact is risky. Upon reaching the finish-line, he colapsed and needs to be sent to the hospital. Again, his body eventually recovered.
He tried...

So what is the argument?  Yes, absolutely true that we can do things that we far can ever imagined; however, because we have a so called “system” that was disturbed, our body will react in such a way that it can maintain equilibrium.  That is why we rest to regain our strength. Yes, we can go back to our oldself again once we have rested so well,  but I strongly believe that it’s still improper to tire our body so much that we couldn’t take anymore.  (oh perhaps sometimes…)



5 thoughts on “Le Chatelier’s Principle

  1. Second of Law of Thermodynamics… The Law of Interaction… now: Le Chatelier’s Principle…

    what’s next??

    nice entry rodel.. 🙂

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