What’s for Breakfast?

Upon arriving to Baguio, we have decided to have a breakfast first.  We have chosen Cafe by the Ruins as recommended by Cindy, the Drunkenlily.  I won’t do the talking anymore; just enjoy the food by just looking at it…

Chocolate Porridge and Dried Dalag

This is what I got.

Look at the color of the rice.

 Yup, this one is a bacon… A thick one.


Another breakfast special where they hae chopped the longganisa into bits.


Rice meals are served with fruits.


Served with coffee with honey and lemon too.

Cafe by the Ruins is located somewhere in the heart of Baguio City; probably a couple of meters away from the city hall and a kilometer or two from Burnham Park.  I’m sure that it’s not only the food that you’ll enjoy but also the ambiance for the restaurant is made up of wood and bamboo to get a cooler athmosphere. 

Try it and see for yourself…


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