TNF 100… A Sane Response to an Insane Situation

Insanity is a sane response to an insane situation.

The Mad Runners

T’was 3AM when the race started. I accompanied Ayette (one of our friends) at the first part of the race. We have decided to take it easy for the mean time and just walk because we knew what lies ahead on the trail; we were doing fine and dandy at the first few Kilometers even if the two of us decided to wait for our friends who got lost in the trail; however, things were tougher than we thought as we face harder and harder trail. I can’t believe were doing this… knowing that we will be climbing at Mount Sto Tomas.

On the trail

Seeing our friends for support is indeed enlightening. They have provided food and hydration before we enter camp 6 going to the radar station; before the hardest part of race begins. I can see Ayette’s fatigue at that time so I keep on asking her if she was okay. I proceed when I see her nod. Along the path going up, I felt that I am getting tired as because heat and gravity is pulling us like crazy… On one of the steepest trail of the race, I talked with one of the marshals and informed him that I still have a friend going up before I eventually moved. I suddenly become worried of the time because it was almost noon and I haven’t reached the summit. I was worried and at the same time guilty of what I did.

The Insignia of TNF100 that wi haunt you...

Noon. Summit. I ate lunch and spent 20 minutes and then I galloped. Until I saw another set of friends. It was Ellen, another Ellen and Tracy. All of us were doing it easy thinking that the race is almost over. We even had a picnic at the middle of the trail and talked about stuff until my phone swung from my bag’s pocket and eventually got lost.

small, medium, large, extra-large

Before 4PM, I was alone again when I got back to Camp 6… I asked one of the marhalls on the route and mentioned happily that I need to go back from where I started?! I shouted in disbelief! WHAAT??! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I DON’T THINK THE DISTANCE IS RIGHT ANYMORE! IT’S NOT FAIR! Yes, I ranted, but moved despite of my tantrum. I have to finish this! Tired and Zombie like I am, but I am still thinking… thinking to finish… I met a few friends on the road and waved at them just to acknowledge their presence… Some of them are even crazier doing 100 Km…

Trail is not easy indeed....

7:17PM. I reached the finish line… I was greeted by friends, Doc Art, Cess and Ayette, who tried to conquer TNF were there to congratulate me…Lorie, Cindy, Chelly and Venus, (our supporters) were there too. Carly, Jai, Eric were cleaned up after finisher the race early.

10PM, I was in the bus terminal for going back to Manila. I hate it, but I have to personal matters to settle. I slept at the bus soundlessly until the next terminal…

Markers...Another Memory...

TNF, a race that really tested my own limits… It was another humbling experience…and indeed a Walk to Remember of sane people in an insane situation…

On to the next TNF 100

7 thoughts on “TNF 100… A Sane Response to an Insane Situation

  1. Haha, we all had the same reaction when we learned that we had to go all the way back again. At that moment, I thought I lost my sanity and kept going. 😛

    Congrats, Rodel! BTW, wala pa rin yung tokens when I dropped by TNF Glorietta. Saw your name on the list. I was told they’ll contact us once the tokens are ready for pick-up.

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