Endurance and Sheer Will (PAU 50K Run)


7. Runners will be given the option to use “drop bags” for their special hydration fluids, food and running apparel during the race. Five (5) plastics bags will be given to runners who will opt to use this system of fluid & food replenishment. Each of these bags shall be marked properly as to what Kilometer Mark they will be pre-positioned. Drop Bags will be positioned at the 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K, and Finish Line points. – Bald Runner 


Road ID...

I’ve wanted to ask myself the night before the race if I’m really opts to what I imagine I’m going to execute the race; that I will run without a support  group but with only the drop bags that Bald Runner has allotted to us.  That means that I can only get my hydration provision every 10 Km of the race.  I’m not sure if I’m crazy but I believed it’s possible because that is how Mr. Baldy had designed this pursuit.  Support group is allowed but I intentionally didn’t get one to ultimately test how I can endure the distance and to sharply manage the 18 oz of sports drink that I have after leaving each markers. 

Another set of crazy people... Have you seen familiar faces?

The race went on smoothly; I ran easy and walked if I want to. I ran side by side with Earl, one of my training mates in the hills if Ortigas… 

Hey have you seen my stride?

I was carelessly laughing along the road when I suddenly noticed that the first 10Km Marker had passed.  $#&*! I stupidly missed my hydration refills…  I crammed…  I was thinking that I need to pursue without assistance but I thought that I might not be able to make it to the 20th Km if I keep on with it; strike 1! I decided to talk with Earl about my plan and about what I really wanted to happen, and then I took water from his support van.



I got more serious after it.  I got more attentive for I don’t want it to happen again. Takbo.ph friends were enthusiastic asking if I need anything but I refused.  It wasn’t easy for me because Pepsi and Doc Pinky already started to wonder… Mccoy, and Marga’s group were so sweet to ask if I need water but I just gave them a grin. 




All by myself...

I consumed what I had at the 18km so I went easy again until I reached the 20th mark. Going to the 30th Km mark was not that bad…  In fact it was easier because this was the part of the race that almost all going down.  I consumed the last drop of Gatorade that I had at 28th Km but I was confident that I can manage due the downhill part despite the fact that it was already sweltering hot. Km 35, the turn around point wasn’t hard to reach because of another downhill. 



Dillema occurred to me going back. It was 9:15 AM.  Hot, but windy; however, fatigue was already spanking me.  I tried running but cramps struck me.  I spent my hydration easily because of that.  Lorie passed by but I ignored my need and mentioned that I’m doing pretty well.  Tina who was running with me really thought that I was tired when I declined at her offer for water. 

Hop to the Finish Line

Km 40.  I reached it because of sheer will.  I took my bag, and left.  It was heavy… or my mind thinks it’s heavy; yet, I was back in the game and proceed I am confident that I will not be dehydrated anymore because of the 2-L bladder in my bag. Km 45…  I was looking closely at some Km markers… I hit my wall and no dire intentions of running.  I walked all through out to the finish. 

Photo Oppotunity with the Organizer

At the finish line, Bald-Runner himself congratulated me and somewhat noticed my backpack. He took it and felt that it was quite heavy and suddenly asked what’s inside. I told him that I have all my stuff there because I was scared of not finishing early and that I might not be able to leave quickly due to work.  Good thing I still have a little time to spare that I managed to eat my lunch before I left… 

Group Picture.

I ended the race in 6 hours and 47 min and placed 35th among 100 plus runners; the margins that I set for myself was undeniably not an easy task but I am grateful that I finished.  It was another humbling exploit.  Still, I thank my takbo.ph friends who will always be there for support and immense effort in watching us closely and checking for our safety. 

The Motivation.

PAU 50 Run truly thought me a lot of lesson and gave me a lot of time to discover myself better.  ‘Till next race… MILO MARATHON…

thanks for the photos Emil Ancheta, Rod Apolinario, Glen Tanag and Dan Callante


25 thoughts on “Endurance and Sheer Will (PAU 50K Run)

  1. Well done, Argo. Thank you, too, for your warm greeting when I reached the finish line. I really appreciate it! (pabulong kong tanong … nakakatayo/nakakaupo ka ba ng maayos pagkatapos kumarera? di ka ba inaantok sa opisina?) 😉

  2. Straight from TNF to one of the most challenging routes – Sierra Madre. Congratulations on a strong finish! The training certainly pays off. Hope to see you soon. Recover well.

  3. Congrats, Rodel! Looked like you could have skipped rope for another hour seeing you finish! Saludos!

  4. Congrats Argo! Nice meeting you on the roads of Sierra Madre. It was a good pace at the last downhills…that pushed me before I started crawling again =)

  5. Nakakaloka and might be the craziest account I have ever read from your blog. Simply because the WILL and DETERMINATION is so up there! Congrats ARGO!

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