Featured Photo: A Child in Me

Sunt pueri pueri et pueri puerilia tractant. – unknown

Children are children and children do childish things...

 There’s always a child in almost everyone of us I guess.  That is the way of living… Often, we want to go back on stuff that we used to do to remember… A nostalgia… It was vivid when I tried my first marathon.  I cried childlishy in the middle of the race because I was so thirsty and dehydrated due to the organizers mishap; and now when I looked back to it, I really can’t help but to laugh at what I’ve done…


One thought on “Featured Photo: A Child in Me

  1. tama! 🙂 it’s fun to look back at how things were so much simpler back then… 🙂

    sana may work na parang maging bata pero laki sweldo hahaha

    tipong run ka forever, tas bike at swim pero may bayad!

    ay teka, professional athlete na pala ang tawag dun! hahaha

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