Concealing (Neutrogena Race the Sun)

It is a great ability to be able to conceal one’s ability.


Glad about the 20min improvement

I have really no plans of joining race when a friend told me that she has a race kit that she can give for free.  Without hesitation, I told her that I’m free on that date and joining the race would already be a good idea.

I wonder what my pace is...

Clueless on the whole event, I arrived in the site an hour early. I noticed that there were not a lot of people were present, yet I saw familiar faces like the monstrous Junrox, Nuttybunny, Ross, Elkyoshi, Jazzrunner, Atom and Irene another newbie from Adination having her 15k debut.

During the race, I tried pushing myself despite that it was my next run after my PAU 50 K.  I thought that if I felt anything silly, then I should just stop and call it a day.  I hit 27 min in my 1st 5K but I was disappointed because I felt heavy and having a hard time.  I’m panting like it will be over soon.  30 min… My next 5k; the velocity already cried off but heck! I don’t care anymore… It was already a run-walk strategy and more chance to see other peeps better.

It is a great ability to be able to conceal one's ability.

1:28… It was almost over; however, when I saw my friends cheering for me before the finish line, I dashed as much as I can towards end giving me a new PR of 1:29.

Delighted after the race because comparing it to my first 15K race last Mizuno Infinity Run, I improved by as much as 20min.  My 2nd 15K in Globe Run for Home was a disaster too because it was my recovery run after BDM. 

Overall I noticed that the race is highly organized; I am not sure why the race turned out to be unpopulated. Oh well, congratulations to the Organizers!

Acknowledgment to Photovendo for the pictures.


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