Living the Dream (The Dream Marathon)

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. –John Lennon

The Dreamer's Finish
In every heart of a runner, I always believe that they all desire one thing; that is to finish a marathon. Forty two Kilometers of hardships and trials… I myself have experienced it… I dreamt of it and had doubted myself if I can really do it. I questioned my strength and entertained my limitations; however, because of my dire yearning of conquering it, I pursued and was able to achieve what I really want.



I’m a dreamer, yet I am not the only one… for other runners were as inspired as me, they also challenged theirselves…


I am glad that I have witnessed their quest to conquer their own fear… in the Dream Marathon.

Once again, I am inspired..


For more pictures click:

The Dream Marathon


50 thoughts on “Living the Dream (The Dream Marathon)

  1. Thanks for this Del’..
    Now I know how it feels to run a 42K Marathon..and was able to experienced and witnessed mixed emotions/feelings along the road.. I should say its really tough specially for the first timer so I absolutely salute those who had their 42K runs for the 1st time..:)

  2. Boohooo… the pics are on Multiply and that site is on the “Disallowed List” of our network here in the office. Looks like I’ve to wait to get home before I get to watch the vid and see the pics.

  3. Thanks so much argow! 🙂 nakakaiyak! what an experience! til now may hangover pa, and i am happy na once we are dreamers and now we’re marathoners and super salamat ng madami sa support. training is a part of it BUT running with your heart will make everything possible. tried and tested. lavs yah argow! 🙂 – tin

  4. Nice video =) thanks for the pics and for the video! (kaiyak nga..)

    (extra ako, good i passed thru the finish line arch after my pacer job)

  5. Nice!
    I am one of the DM- and thank you for this.
    The TBR DM is one of the best race I’ve been-a lot of people made us feel we are worthy of the distance.

    I salute all the supporters, the dream chasers, and those cheering at the Solenad….even if they didn’t know me- they were very encouraging. It was the best feeling. Thank you guys!

    1. Hello Joy, You are always welcome! Been there done that… I was on year feet a couple of months ago… Their chants indeed gave me strength to push through…
      Congratulations on your feat!

  6. Thanks sa support argo! di ko pa rin napapanood yung video…di ko makakalimutan yung may 22, 2010! cant wait to pay it forward. I/we are now marathoners..congratulations to all other TBRDMers.

  7. Rodel, you always bring out the best in your accounts by bringing in the best music for it!:-)

    Nice pics!

  8. Argow kakaiyak naman! thank you so much for this video! sabi ni Noy bakit daw pangit picture nya? lol! j/k! mwahhh!

  9. idol….thanks for the what i’ve told you before isa ka sa susundan ko ang paa sa takbuhan…nice photos and music.dude…maraming salamat ulet….

  10. Thanks so much for the support, Argo! =)
    The video was great. Naiyak ako dun! I’ll share it at FB ha =) More power and blessings! =)

  11. alaga maraming salamat sa video, overwhelming experience… you captured every moment! thank you so much sa support, sa pictures at sana palitan mo na ang profile pic ko sa album mo okay! hahaha


  12. I was here! Thanks for this, argo! Very nice..crafted with the heart. It was a surprise dream come true for me 🙂

  13. The video is so touching, argo. Kahit wala ako sa pictures, I still felt the pain, the joy, the triumph, that you captured in your pictures. Thank you very much for this very inspiring portrayal of the tbr dream marathon.

    Thank you, and to the rest of the cheering team for cheering for me last May 22. My Ate Ella took a picture of Marga holding the wonderful poster with my name on it. It’s in my latest blogpost. Kindly extend to her my sincerest gratitude.

    See you at the reunion this Wednesday? It’s open to all the marathoners, guests, volunteers, chasers, supporters.

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