Weekend Fun (Kerygma and Nature Valley Run)

If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right. – Fran Tarkenton 

Today’s weekend was definitely fun as I tried doing two consecutive races that I truly enjoyed.


Saturday: Kerygma Run
Saturday: Kerygma Run

 Distance: 3Km 

Time: 13:10 (unofficial

What Happened? 

The self proclaimed Team CB (Team Chelly Bautista) decided to have fun at the race. All of us registered 3Km which, most in our case are first timers. Funny that everyone’s pressuring me to get a podium finish… Without doubt, they succeeded in pressuring me. During the race, we ended up eating the youngsters’ dust as most of them galloped away faster than we thought. I gunned a little over thirteen minutes and so with another friend Allan. We may not be podium finishers but I bet me and Allan managed to be in the top 10. 

Picture taking followed… 


Self Proclaim Team CB: Hindi Masyadong Mabilis, Pero Cute...

Runrio's 2nd Leg




Finisher's Insignia.

Sunday: Nature valley Run 

 Distance: 21 Km 

Time: 2:21:11

What Happened

Thinking that I can gun a new PR, I really tried my best at first. First 5k was a sub 30 until I found out that I lost my timing chip when my shoe lace loosened up. Dang! That means that I will no longer be in the list of finishers. Still pushed myself but the humidity was making me uncomfortable so I tried removing my singlet to freshen up. Another friend, Joyce paced me almost all throughout the route and that at least motivated me. We ended up finishing 21 minutes after two hours but were really glad about the fact that we were already done with it. 

We got our medal, finisher shirt freebies and our photo ops routine… 


I may not able to get a new PR but it was all worth the fun! 

Takbo.ph classic picture with the BaldRunner

Until next time… =) 

Acknowledgments to Carlo Serrano, Junrox the Tigerboy, Aaron Anievas and Lorie Padua for the pictures 






17 thoughts on “Weekend Fun (Kerygma and Nature Valley Run)

  1. 2 timing chip yung nakita kong nakakalat while running. anyway, natuwa ako sa finish nyong tatlo, ipost ko sa blog ko soon yung pic nyo. congrats, kainspire kayong 3 sabay-sabaw magfinish!

    1. Huwaaaa! baka akin nga ung isa roon! haha! kasalanan ko kung bakit nawala yun… It’s plainly stupidity…
      Thanks thanks, nagkatuwaan lang kami kaya kami sabay-sabay.. heheh!

  2. hey argo!

    congrats! ganda ng time ah.. nakita kita sa kerygma event. akala ko kasama ka sa 5k and mukhang naghahabol ng PR nung nakasalubong kita. unang pumasok sa isip ko, “mamaw” haha pero im sure kakayanin mo rin yung time na yun sa 5k in the near future. 😛

      1. haha.. sobrang game face ka nga nun kaya i didn’t bother calling you while you were running. baka mawala ang focus. haha
        i had to leave rin agad after ko matapos.
        next runs siguro.. matagal na rin ako nde nakapag-hi sa ibang nakilala ko sa takbo.

    1. Wahaha! Yup bry, heat is slowy killing me so I just removed my singlet… I was actually aiming for sub 2 then 2:10 then 2:15, until I end up at 2:21… hehehe!!! Not to mention I lost my timing chip!

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