A Flicker fom the Past

A year ago, The Argonaut joined the Milo Half Marathon. A couple of naiads, nymphs

Argonaut into another challenge...

gods, demigods and mortals had seen him finishing his 1st decent half marathon for he was able to meet the cutoff set by the race.

He was able to gun his personal best at that time despite of the attack of Zeus lightning bolt on his calf and the curse of thirst convened by Bacchus at his throat which luckily he managed. The lurking Medussa was there yet good thing that the Argonaut stayed focused in his will.

Argonaut may not be able to outrun Atalanta, or even the mortal Wilnar, but at least he can persevere; for he always try his best in everything that he does. He may be obstructed by the gods for being stubborn but his will and desire pursues… Not even a minotaur, a hydra or Cerberus could stop him from his quest.

Is he the son of Hermes?

A few days from now, The Argonaut will join again the Milo Marathon, yet this time he is joining the full 42 Kilometers. This may not be his first but his 7th (Ultra-marathon and marathon combined) yet, he is aiming for a better personal best this time. We will see if his training indeed paid off and if Athena will still give him wisdom, if Hermes will provide the swiftness and Apollo if he will provide the light. Hope the he will not experience the same way with Atlas,  with Narcissus who ended up being punished. We’ll see if he will be able to get the Golden Fleece this time…

Here is Argonaut’s last year account of the story

Pictures from last year


8 thoughts on “A Flicker fom the Past

  1. Kaya mo yan! Push lang! I hope you make it to the cutoff! Ako kasi, best time na lang target ko. Will gun for 4 hours and 30 minutes and that’s it. Grabe mga cutoff times for this year’s Milo Marathon, no?

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