Sheerwill Duo (Robinson’s 3rd Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run)

If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.

Believe me, were having fun! LOL! Photo by Lemuel

A year ago, I was infamous for ditching out an unknown partner in this event; and up to this time, I don’t know who the guys is because I just met him in the website looking for a partner the day before the event. Unfortunately, I was not able to wake up and the whole thing of joining this event was a failure. I was branded by Luis Archangel aka GBM that day to be the Infamous RUNNER Y.

I want to do it right this time so I invited Joyce to be my buddy for 10K. I was a bit teasing her at first that were going to nail sub 55, but eventually we agreed on sub 65 to at least enjoy the race and not pushing ourselves too much. Both of us were indeed excited on the event as we were updating each other on the race.


Joyce and I ran on our not so effort pace as she had mentioned that she haven’t been running much and I am still on recovery on my last marathon a week ago. We were exchanging stories and I, telling her what happened on the last marathon. I told her that I should have done better and should have beaten her 4:51: XX time last Condura Marathon but I was not able to do so. Kilometer had past and we have noticed that we will be just on time for the Sub 60 until we got confused on our last turn that took us probably less than a minute to realize the correct route that the finish line for the 10K runners should be the longer route. We finished approximately a minute after 60.  

Joyce and I with the Sheerwill himself Rico V. (photo by Carlo Serrano)
 This may not be one of my bet performances on a race day but it was not at all bad either, in fact, I enjoyed every kilometer of the race with my buddy. Definitely that I will have to repeat it next year!  


To the finish line!



Perdition of Dream (My Milo Story)

Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.


I am not utterly certain when I did start my training. I have really wanted to do Milo Marathon right after Condura Marathon but of course due to my desire to join BDM, TNF and PAU, everything started on the 2nd week of May.

I pulled running buddies like Earl and Allan on the preparation and did an average of 50 to 65 Km per week.  Those were really hard-hitting weeks entailing us to do long runs at the end of the week or during Thursday nights. I really want to improve my marathon time to at least 15 minutes or more…  Athena provided me so much wisdom and Eros to combust my passion to pursue my reverie. 

Come race day…  It was an all out flat route except for the flyovers. It was said that grotesque creatures were there and can suck out the power of your hamstrings on those parts. I ignored it, for I know they were just a measly pixie; however, I didn’t in actual fact realize that 10 of those could give me a great mischief. gang

My first 15 Km was just right, and so with my next 11Kilometers; however, lurking beasts started to assault me on the last loop.  I endlessly skipped at Zeus lightning despite of my hamstrings fatigue. The sun-god Helios boasted his strength of sunlight.  Good thing that the naiads, nymphs and mortals were there to offer support.  Merely seeing those joyful faces had already provided me more will to push trough. Alabang in the last 3K photo: by July Pauli

Ultimately, I finished the race at 4:53:55; it was a little over four-minute improvement on my last marathon.  I felt defeated at the finish line for I have underestimated the route. The dream for the fifteen-minute improvement all went to perdition. I tried to contemplate and evaluate myself after the race, thinking if I really had given my 100% potential. 

Anyway, I am pleased I completed the race with all honesty.  I did not ride a chariot to dash, employed a doppelganger to run for me or teleported like the gods and goddesses of Olympus.  I finished the battle with valor; having faster time maybe a gauge of fitness and rapidity, but it’s finishing the race that quantifies manliness.

CB bib photo by


Again, I acknowledged all my friends who were there for support.,Team CB and AnR Alabang.  May God bless you always…