On Being Part of the Takbo.ph Runfest

Takbo.ph is my 2nd family…

I'm getting you! (photo by Marvin Pangan)

Upon the start of the registration of the Takbo.ph Runfest, I immediately informed Jinoe and Que (admins of takbo.ph) that I am not going to run the event, but instead I’ll volunteer as a photographer.  Days passed and I am getting excited even on the thought of it.  I can now pay forward on the kindness of my takbo.ph friends ever since I started on this passion until I joined a series of Marathons and Ultramarathons.

With Brando and Carlo (photo by Q of takbo.ph)

I received emails back and forth from moderators, about the plan on the program, about what to do.  Until someone suggested that I should lead the game portion.  I agreed without second thoughts.   The idea definitely didn’t sink in to me.

Race day came and I did my part on being a photographer.  I sought for my best shot and effort, yet I really had a tough time capturing all of them.  More than 3000 people crossing the finish line…   From the very first few who crossed, to the runners I know until almost all of them were through.  I stayed there for an hour and my arms were sore lifting my camera.

I'm a shy boy don't you think? Oh and look at the guy below! (photo by Angelo Maravilla)

When I feel that almost everyone crossed the finish-line, DJ Chloe called me to go upfront the stage.  Introduced me on a marathon that I’ve joined.  My heart leaped when my named was uttered.   I was nervous…  I was nervous but it only occurred for the first few minutes…  I felt it through my voice until everything came out naturally.  I love what I’m doing at that time and good thing that my friends who are at the same time our audience were all laughing with us.  There maybe monotonous moments on what we’ve done but heck, it was still a blast over all.

I definitely enjoyed the day!

Thank you takbo.ph It was a blast!

16 thoughts on “On Being Part of the Takbo.ph Runfest

  1. Winner talaga yang electric pink Powerpuff Boys singlet mo. Tapos puta red shorts! Nakakasilaw ka talaga, dude! :))

    Judging on that photo, I doubt you were nervous. Naging capable ka ba ng ganoong emotion? Hahahaha!

    Keep it up! 😀

  2. That event was a blast! (late reaction!heheh)

    we enjoyed the program as much as the running itself. Thanks for the shots, it shows na super saya ko nung event na yun at makita keong kumukuha ng peykturs…

    sana sa mga susunod na event ikaw ulet mag host! Idol!

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