The Wrath of the Sun-God Helios (The CAMSUR Marathon Adventure)

Patience is not only a virtue, but an acquired trait.

The Illusion

The thought of CAMSUR is wonderful… Just right enough to enjoy the Beach and Wakeboarding at the famous CWC.  Zeus ordered Baccus the god of wine to put us to an illusion that running the CAMSUR marathon would be inviting… To make it look like a good chance to hit out best because of the flat route…  Most of us were trapped into that illusion.

Marathon and Half-Marathon Newbies

Yes, we were lured into the illusion of paradise.  Out of town… Fresh Air…  A number of my companions registered for Half marathon and Marathon  unaware of what will really happen to us.

Goodluck Bash to Our Neo-half Marathoners and Marathoners

We trained for the event.  Agreed… But the question is if are we really prepared for it?

The Start.

The race started before the Sun-God Helios comes out.  I really planned of running at 6-minute pace until I fade but I had this uncomfortable feeling right from the start of the race.  I was not able to warm-up because the chariot that brought us to the starting mark arrived barely 5-minutes before the race started.  It end up in a run-walk pace right from the start of the race.  I told myself that maintaining a 6:35 pace should be good enough.

The 42-K route

It was dark…  and I wish it was just like that; however, Zeus the god who always want to challenge the adventurers ordered Helios go shine as early as it could and let display his flambouyant light.

I maintained my pace despite of discomfort until Km 30.  I was having a hard-time but I don’t want to whine about it. Blocking the pain and happy thoughts is what all I have in my mind.  Good thine the mortals watching us cheered the best way they could.  Greeting us everytime they saw us and giving us their best cheer and applause.  Children even gave us High Fives!

My team who waited for us in the finish line

Km 30…  The wrath of Helios was inevitable.  It eventually over-powered me as my pace started to decline.  Good thing that another mortal gave me 3 salt pills along the race which I took strategically.  I didn’t take any food except to my only energy gel that I took at Km 21 (I took the first before the race started) and some bananas provided by the organizer.  Water is the only hydration that I drank for I am afraid on to get some carbonated drink that the race had in every hydration stations.

A female runner who fainted somewhere along the route being helped by out friends

Another good thing is that Athena blessed me with wisdom so I managed to go on kilometer per kilometer despite of my fading pace.  I even passed a couple of runners who were already suffering from the thunderbolt casted by Zues against them and from the venom of the gorgon-Medusa that turned their feet into stone.


 I eventually arrived at the finishline after five hours of my run-walk strategy.  Despite of not beating my personal best, I am still glad about this for I have enjoyed this race.  

Post race picture... BLAH!

All of us compalined about the heat.  It was terribly hot that day yet good thing no one gets hurt.   I am also glad to see my friends to finish the race.  They were winners in their own right. Indeed that no sun-god can  beat our wisdom and determination to finish. friends who finished the race!

Thank God (the real one)  who made this day who gave me another opportunity to express my will and strength.  It was undeniably a wonderful day.

The race gave us a real BLAH!

Congratulations to my firends who just finished their first half marathon and marathons.  You made us proud! 

Acknowledgment to Joyce Morisson, Runner’s Run and Brando Losaria on some pictures that I have used. Thanks also to my dear friend Cherry who used my Camera to get some real action shots!

Featured Photo: Readiness

Are you ready?

Getting Ready...
Getting Ready...

You’ve trained your body because you want to be prepared and you know you can.  You’ve pamper your heart for you want it.  Researched all things that are vital for you. You have used your mind because you need it.  Lastly, you prayed to God because you need blessings and guidance.

Then, you can say you are ready…

On Joining an Aquathlon

There’s always a new challenge to conquer 

The Invitational Poster


Adination Alabang Aquathlon.  I could say that it is totally a new challenge for me.  I have joined a few aquathlons before,  from Sheerwills Aquathlon Cup to Ateneo Aquathlon and finally this one.  I daresay that I was prepared in this event but the race still caught me off-guard. 

First 20 seconds of fame.


2.5Km Run- 400m Swim- 5K Run 

I know I can do better than this! That ‘s all I have in my mind.  I blasted at the first few Kilometers of the race by finishing a little over 11 minutes on my first leg.  I suppose this was fast for me which I believe that I could no longer sustain in the end. 

Me and DocT resting.... lol!


Splash!  I jumped into the pool and swam but I just started to get a little light headed…  I can’t keep up and I can even finish a 25 meter lap, meaning I totally suck! I decided to just get through with it so that I can get back to running.

Barefoot running is somewhat painful


The last leg was my redemption.  I hurriedly put on my singlet to run… Barefoot.  It was 5 Km. I dashed as much as I could and I felt superb until I stepped on the roughest part of the road.  I slow down at those portions and go back to speed when I felt it would be easier; however, I eventually slow down on my last kilometer when I felt the pain on my heel.  I realiazed that I was doing heel strike and I didn’t noticed until it was swollen.  I chaged my stride by doing forefoot but my forefoot skin was just to thin.  Good thing that the last leg was only 5 Kilometers.  (hah! The pain ended at last!) 

I finished 7th overall out of 17th partcipant.   Not bad after my last Aquthlon where I walked a lot.   I finished the race in less than 52min (not including the transition). 

It was another day of achievement for me! 

Thank you Adination Runners of for the opportunity and also their sponsor who help them pushed the event. 

I would also like to acknowledge my team, TEAM CB for the moral support and so with the TEAM ENDURE (multi-sport team). 

Acknowledgments also to those who took photos of the event.  I am totally confused who has the cam and all the facebook tags, but then again, thank you!

Through The Fire (Argonaut’s Quest to Ilocos)

Through the limit… to the wall…

This is what I want to get...

The argonaut faced the mirror before leaving the cellar where they were staying at and said to himself,

“This is your game.  It should be an all out effort this time no matter what.  Put your head and heart on the game in your own right and the best way you can”

and he was off to Pasuquin-  The starting line of the 65Km race to Pagudpud.

Starting Line photo ops by Dan Callanta

We’ve seen neophytes, wanting to be an ultra-marathoner. It was an oxymoron of feeling of people; bitter-sweet moment would be the best way to describe it, People were full of zeal, yet at the same time some were anxious.  Almost everyone was laughing until the chase began.

Ran half-naked almost all through-out the race... photo by Jeff Avellanosa's friend

The argonaut hurtled at a marathon pace; pushed to the limits. Passed through the Lighthouse, to the trails going to Kapurpurawan Rocks to Bangi to see the Windmills down to Pagudpud.

The Lighthouse

It was an understatement to say it was laborious…  It was painful, it was throbbing, It was hot, it was burning, It was dry. It was indeed through the fire.  The sun-god Helios never let the poor argonaut out of his sight.  There were even times that the argonaut limped along the road for the thunder of Zeus had already struck him a couple of times…  He saw it coming, but he ignored for he was determined.  Ignorant mortals were laughing at him for they didn’t know what was happening… Kids ran by his side trying to outrun the argonaut.  The normal kind of Cerberus which we call dogs even dared to chase the argonaut.  He disregarded it all, for he knew that in the end it will be blissful.

Dennis, Thanks for the shot in Kapurpurwan Rocks. That slashed seconds in your time... lol

There were really times that the argonaut felt down, especially when he ran out of water; yet the god of the sea Poseidon and the goddess of wheat Demeter did not forsake him for they brought food and water through the nymphs who supported him along the way. There was even a runner who had helped him along the way giving him liniment to sooth the pain he bears at that time…  He gratefully managed because of that.


Going to the finish line seem like forever.  65K was done but they were informed that there will be an additional 5K…  He can barely run so at least he tried to toddle at his best until the argonaut reached the terminal.  At last he could now rest and once again proven himself what he can really do… He had at least improved himself and had pushed him self to the limit; another unforgettable and humbling experience.

Finish-line with Sir Jose who also helped me in some part of the race.

Once again, the argonaut thanked all those people who support by all means. Team CB and for the Support, Sir Baldrunner for the opportunity and Almighty God (the real one) for the strength and blessings.

Awarding ceremony with Sir Jovie the BaldRunner

Acknowledgments also to the official moment capturers Robert Regala and Eric Espineda…