Through The Fire (Argonaut’s Quest to Ilocos)

Through the limit… to the wall…

This is what I want to get...

The argonaut faced the mirror before leaving the cellar where they were staying at and said to himself,

“This is your game.  It should be an all out effort this time no matter what.  Put your head and heart on the game in your own right and the best way you can”

and he was off to Pasuquin-  The starting line of the 65Km race to Pagudpud.

Starting Line photo ops by Dan Callanta

We’ve seen neophytes, wanting to be an ultra-marathoner. It was an oxymoron of feeling of people; bitter-sweet moment would be the best way to describe it, People were full of zeal, yet at the same time some were anxious.  Almost everyone was laughing until the chase began.

Ran half-naked almost all through-out the race... photo by Jeff Avellanosa's friend

The argonaut hurtled at a marathon pace; pushed to the limits. Passed through the Lighthouse, to the trails going to Kapurpurawan Rocks to Bangi to see the Windmills down to Pagudpud.

The Lighthouse

It was an understatement to say it was laborious…  It was painful, it was throbbing, It was hot, it was burning, It was dry. It was indeed through the fire.  The sun-god Helios never let the poor argonaut out of his sight.  There were even times that the argonaut limped along the road for the thunder of Zeus had already struck him a couple of times…  He saw it coming, but he ignored for he was determined.  Ignorant mortals were laughing at him for they didn’t know what was happening… Kids ran by his side trying to outrun the argonaut.  The normal kind of Cerberus which we call dogs even dared to chase the argonaut.  He disregarded it all, for he knew that in the end it will be blissful.

Dennis, Thanks for the shot in Kapurpurwan Rocks. That slashed seconds in your time... lol

There were really times that the argonaut felt down, especially when he ran out of water; yet the god of the sea Poseidon and the goddess of wheat Demeter did not forsake him for they brought food and water through the nymphs who supported him along the way. There was even a runner who had helped him along the way giving him liniment to sooth the pain he bears at that time…  He gratefully managed because of that.


Going to the finish line seem like forever.  65K was done but they were informed that there will be an additional 5K…  He can barely run so at least he tried to toddle at his best until the argonaut reached the terminal.  At last he could now rest and once again proven himself what he can really do… He had at least improved himself and had pushed him self to the limit; another unforgettable and humbling experience.

Finish-line with Sir Jose who also helped me in some part of the race.

Once again, the argonaut thanked all those people who support by all means. Team CB and for the Support, Sir Baldrunner for the opportunity and Almighty God (the real one) for the strength and blessings.

Awarding ceremony with Sir Jovie the BaldRunner

Acknowledgments also to the official moment capturers Robert Regala and Eric Espineda…


18 thoughts on “Through The Fire (Argonaut’s Quest to Ilocos)

      1. hahaha natawa ko dito. actually nagdedebate kami ni bry if umiikot or not kse iba iba ung direction ng arms nya.

        napakanta mo rin ako sa post mo argo, congrats on the superb finish! pilitin mo si bry sama sa 3rd leg! haha! 🙂

      2. Thanks Kathy, hehe.. baka ung gumawa nung trophy eh dikit na nga lang ng dikit… lol!

        Hope makasali si Bry, sayang, it’s really a different kind of running experience… You’re always a different person after finishing it…

  1. ibang level mo na bradder! 🙂 tama ka, nagkaroon tayong lahat ng iba’t ibang calling, and it just so happened that you do excel in long distance running! 🙂 galeng bro!

    keep it up! (next time bottomless runner naman! hehehe!)

  2. Loved the way you wrote this. ^_^ In keeping with your being an argonaut of the Greek mythology. And it was succinct, concise but tells all.

    job well done Argo!

  3. wow, visiting places thru running, that must be awesome!
    maybe I should try it someday. pero kelangan ko muna siguro magpa fit.. he he he.

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