On Joining an Aquathlon

There’s always a new challenge to conquer 

The Invitational Poster


Adination Alabang Aquathlon.  I could say that it is totally a new challenge for me.  I have joined a few aquathlons before,  from Sheerwills Aquathlon Cup to Ateneo Aquathlon and finally this one.  I daresay that I was prepared in this event but the race still caught me off-guard. 

First 20 seconds of fame.


2.5Km Run- 400m Swim- 5K Run 

I know I can do better than this! That ‘s all I have in my mind.  I blasted at the first few Kilometers of the race by finishing a little over 11 minutes on my first leg.  I suppose this was fast for me which I believe that I could no longer sustain in the end. 

Me and DocT resting.... lol!


Splash!  I jumped into the pool and swam but I just started to get a little light headed…  I can’t keep up and I can even finish a 25 meter lap, meaning I totally suck! I decided to just get through with it so that I can get back to running.

Barefoot running is somewhat painful


The last leg was my redemption.  I hurriedly put on my singlet to run… Barefoot.  It was 5 Km. I dashed as much as I could and I felt superb until I stepped on the roughest part of the road.  I slow down at those portions and go back to speed when I felt it would be easier; however, I eventually slow down on my last kilometer when I felt the pain on my heel.  I realiazed that I was doing heel strike and I didn’t noticed until it was swollen.  I chaged my stride by doing forefoot but my forefoot skin was just to thin.  Good thing that the last leg was only 5 Kilometers.  (hah! The pain ended at last!) 

I finished 7th overall out of 17th partcipant.   Not bad after my last Aquthlon where I walked a lot.   I finished the race in less than 52min (not including the transition). 

It was another day of achievement for me! 

Thank you Adination Runners of Alabang-Takbo.ph for the opportunity and also their sponsor who help them pushed the event. 

I would also like to acknowledge my team, TEAM CB for the moral support and so with the TEAM ENDURE (multi-sport team). 

Acknowledgments also to those who took photos of the event.  I am totally confused who has the cam and all the facebook tags, but then again, thank you!


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