On Being a Triathlete



The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man without trials. – Confucius    

See that baggy shorts and cross training shoes... Oh no!!!

When I was starting in running back in 2009, I have already dreamt of becoming a tri-athlete. I trained as much as I can to at least improve myself and tried to enhance my knowledge and skills as a runner. I know that I have still a lot of room for improvement but I am glad of my achievements.

Flashback! A number of takbo.ph members decided to join the fun in multisport. That undeniably is a good idea… Unfortunately, I don’t know how to swim and I am scared of going into the deeper side of the pool.

Hope the stroke was right that time... 600m took me more than 19 min to get through it.

One day… I tried it, pushed myself, trained for weeks to move a meter… then another meter… I was sick every other session for I felt that I have made the pool shallower by 1 centimetre every swimming session. I sometimes feel frustrated about it, but my friends’ kind words of encouragement shove me to exert more effort. Twice, thrice, of even four times a week just to master it, until eventually, I swam one lap and another, until I can do 20 laps or 40 laps per session. I maybe swimming slowly, but I am again proud from where I’ve been. My next project would be swimming in open water.

53 minutes to bike? There's pretty much room for improvement though...

Biking… Another fear… I am afraid to get hurt or bruised brutally for I know you can get that with biking if you were not careful enough. My first ride wasn’t that easy… I fell twice during our practice. I had some bruises but good thing my skin was too thick to be wounded! LOL! Thanks again to the people who believed in me, for once again pushing and always reminding me what I can really do.

Yes, I joined my first tri after a week of training in biking. I was anxious and jittery before the event making myself to arrive late at the swim leg. I don’t even know what to do at first. That is making me look stupid. Eventually, I finished the swim leg composed and good enough to gear up for the bike leg.

18 minutes for 3.2K? Hmmm.. I must be tired...

Since this is the portioned that I least trained for, I am very slow. I guess, I really haven’t mastered it… Lack of experience can even position you in trouble… And it did! I fell a few minutes after I started. That was a downhill that pressed me to the ground. Adrenaline rush hit me, I stood up and pedal once again until I went through the course. That’s 17 kilometres…

Lastly, the run leg, which is the easiest for me; this is the time where at least I can overtake a few runners. The 3.2K distance still challenged me for my legs were already sore after saddling with the bike.

1:31... Been there done that...

I eventually managed to cross to finish line after 1hour and 31 minutes… And after that, I became a triathlete.


I have done it!  I have conquered it; yet, I am giving half of the credit to my friends who supported me all the way and cuddle my desire. I couldn’t have thank them enough for it.. Their chants were my booster and made my soul strong all the way.  Thank GOD for sending his intruments.


Thank you again everyone! Another humbling moment...

Acknowledgments during the race:

Doc Art for the bike leg.

Lucky for pacing me on the run leg.

Maridol, Weslee, Mavin and Bilz for gathering the moments.

For the Team CB who supported us all the way down south!