Been There, Done That! (Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2010)

This is one of the best races I’ve joined this year.   Unique and Challenging! (Altough not more challenging enough for me, lol!)

So how did I fair in this event? 

Leo, Alfred and the gang, find it easy. Photo from Jay Samson

Tire Dumps – Balance is important; not too mention that there are lots of people hurrying at the first few yards of the race.  I had a little difficulty getting for my spot. Dang, I lost my precious time here (as if!)

You think I'm fast enough? Photo from Julie Redulfo

 Balance Beam – No sweat.  This one is easy, yet again, I have to wait for my turn…  Did you see my picture?It looks like I’m fast, (lol!) or  the camera was just shaky at that time? 😛

Peopole trying to get out of the maze...

Scaffolding Maze – I like this one but unfortunately, I was a bit frustrated for staying in the line for minutes; I love the obstacle but working for your turn is somewhat unacceptable on my standards, anyway, at least I was able to rest.  

All the best to pass! (photo by Jess Agoo)

Hurdles – The 3rd Km got more challenging when the next obstacle came in.  The hurdles was fun making me say MORE! MORE! Too bad there weren’t to many as I expected. The last one gave me a little pressure though because it’s higher than any other obstacle making me exert more.

Trying to catch up after the scaffolding maze and hurdles (photo by: DocT)

Crawl – Time to get dirty! This is my least favorite among the obstacle for I was already sore after 9Km. Crawling would definitely not a good idea! haha!

Jess doing his best!

The Wall – After hitting your wall, the end of the race is the wall that you need to cross.  I put my best effort on it after waiting for minutes for my turn.

Hah! easy and wants more!

Am I satisfied? My Answer is yes, but because I love to hurt myself, I’d say More! peeps cheering near the finish-line (photo by Mark Alano)

Congratulations to all the finishers and to all my friends who marshalled, ran and supported this event!

Some peeps who martialed and joined the event (photo by Kat Orbista)

Thank you for the pictures as well!!!


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