Salute to A Colorful 2010!

Cheers to a promising New Year ahead! The best is yet to come…

Amazed this year!
Amazed this year!

Whoah! I just realized that 2010 is almost over.  I am just counting hours and ready to welcome a new year ahead. It was indeed an awesome year for me,   bittersweet moment.  Considerably, this year is a blast on my passion for running and on my career as well although not everything was something to rejoice like my father’s death last February.

I could almost do this during the ultra-races that I've joined...

On Ultra Races.

After joining Condura, then Bataan Death March, I never looked back.  It followed with a series of Ultra Marathons and Marathons month by month
which I loved so well.  TNF was the most remarkable race I’ve joined so far where my will power was tested more than BDM despite that it is only a 50Km race.  I ran, I had a hard time,  I had blisters and pain; I cried and laugh at the finishline savoring victory after each race and hurriedly go to my office for I don’t have anyone to replace me for sometimes. 


One of the photos that I took in an early morning in Tagaytay


On Travels

Hah! It was my most travelled year as well (Not sure though).  I went to Ilocos to run, in CamSur where we were conned by a not so famous event organizer and even being dithced out in the island.  Hiked in Batangasand in Rizal to train for a Climathon in Baguio (TNF). I was on training and racing and at the same time enjoyed everybit of it despite of all the mishaps that occured. I wish I could go back and even travel more around the Philippines.  Hope I can pin Batanes next year.

Naaah, just one of my photos that I took on my transit in Singapore


On Career

At last, I hit my PR at work last May where I officially became a certified technician after fearing so much of taking the examination.  Good thing I gripped my balls so much so that they would not fall and put it back into places the moment it was over.  Lols!  Most importantly, I got the chance to go to Abudhabi to visit our office there,  in Dubai where we have an office as well, Spent a day in Singapore to at least have fun during transit and in Malaysia in an hour to enjoy every bit of it. 
I mentioned in last blog too about getting an employee award. Hmm… I wonder what will happen to me next year.  Jeez!!
I am so excited!
Lastly, No Sick-leave for me this year.  Tell me more about Work-Life Balance.

A home theater that I won in a raffle. An I thought it's just a lame DVD Player

On Luck

T’was three years streak that I won something in the office. From  Cellphone (2008) to Aircooler (2009) and a DVD Receiver this year! Oh boy, I am really a lucky guy.  Oh well, I think I deserve it after loosing 3 cell phones this year (Stupid me!)

Day 1 of ANR Tiendesitas (yabang ko no? =P)

On Responsibilities and Volunteering

I co-hosted 4 events this year! A company event, The  Anniversary where I get the chance to meet DJ Chloe, The” Takbo Mo Tanglaw Ko” fun run for the Aetas and the Year End Party. Seriously, given a chance, I would love to do more of it! Also,  I am really proud that I became a part of Adination of Runners sponsored by Adidas.  It was a tough work I guess but I loved it. Saturday Mornings and Fridays Nights in Tiendesitas were eventful.  on this, I would like to thank Adidas and for the opportunity that you have given me;and to my friends (especially Team CB) who were always there to support me.
I am glad that most of you guys had improved physically. 



Created by my friend Lorie after my first tri


On Multi-sport

I have joined series of 2 Aquathlon this year.  Ateneo Aquathlon (I don’t know how to swim yet at this point) and AnR Alabang Aquathlon.  I really improved in my swimming skills although I still have a lot to learn as far as techniques are concerned.
Eventually I was able to join a Super-minisprint event.  Thanks again to a good friend Doc Art who never
stopped believing in my capabilities.  Doing a week of Biking after so many years is not easy. Lol!
Again, what an awesome year.  Hope I can equalize it next year or even move further. How about checking my lovelife next year? Hehe!

Team CB! 🙂

The best is yet to come…

Personal Triumph and a Marathon Defeat (QCIM 2010)

All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.  – Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho

A personal Triumph!

It was already in my plans that I am going to run another marathon this December. QCIM. I may say that I really hadn’t had much training on this. I’ve been busy with something else although I still workout. I could’ve quit running it because of my busy schedule. Sleeping late nights making it hard for me to run in the morning which is the only chance I have. I lacked the training required for this event. 

Awarded Man of the Night as well and Won a DVD in a Raffle = 1 Lucky Guy!

I had ran 32K initiated by Rio last November, which gave me a good opportunity to train. I was somewhat satisfied with my performance because I felt that was only what I can exert; however, marathon would definitely a different thing.

December 4; the night before the marathon; I had a company gathering to attend; eat a lot, chat with my friends, and colleages, had some photos  and enjoyed the party!  I was chosen the man of the night, had an employee award and won a DVD Player in the raffle. Oh boy, I was really a blessed guy that night yet I left before the event ends.  That would be the best option or I will definitely suffer an ill consequence on tomorrow’s event.  It was really late so I decided to spend the night in the office until 2AM giving me again only 2 hours of sleep (Better than going home to Cavite).


In the middle of the race at around Km 29. Photo by Carl Balagot

Arriving at the event at 3:45, everything looks set up, but the race started a little late. A few kilometers after the race has started, I suddenly felt that I hadn’t put enough petroleum gels on some parts of my body. I bet I’m going to have chaffing anytime soon, not to mention that my tummy suddenly crumbled and bothered me until I reckoned that I drank a flaming wine on the last night’s party. I can’t stop now, regardless of this discomfort. T’was a hateful feeling! Duh!


Oh well, at least I was smiling to the finish line. Cyril, a runner from six:30 finished on the other hand cutting morethan an hour on his previous time. (Photo by Bilz)

I had really taken the race for granted I thought. All the stuffs that I typically do prior to the race were neglected. Imagine, due to my lack of preparation, I forgot to clean the shoes that I am going to wear ending up on a shoe that I used on my last two Ultramarathons.  I should have known by then being a seasoned runner, nevertheless, I made it to the finish line at 4:51 (chip time) which is a two-minute improvement on my previous PR. Good thing I still manage to pull it through notwithstanding what happened… Thanks to the people who keep on motivating me to get there.


It was really a marathon to learn by heart and to commit to memory. I mistreated the race for not preparing much for it that’s why it has given a toll on me. It gave me a real blast! Oh well, at least I had my PR at work!

Beat it! (Grand Fiesta Run)

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

53:40.  My personal best I had a year ago.  After that, I have never tried joining another 10K where I indulged myself and aim for a better time. Fit and Buddy Run was more of a fun run for me where I ran with a friend and Men’s Health Urabanathlon was way from being serious due to the fuzzy obstacles and the waiting time it had.

Nagpacute pa sa race! x_X (Photo by: Ronnel Go)

Grand Fiesta Run was the one that I thought I could hit my  new personal best, I had a little sleep as always but I was too optimistic about it. Vicky was there too who claimed that she claimed that she hadn’t much training lately. We talked about funny days and ultramarathons until the race began.

 I huff and puff like what some powerpuff boys do. I pushed myself as much as I could that results to hit my 5K pr of 24:41.  Glad about the thought but I already felt tired.  I was sleepy and even thought that it would be a lot better if I walked.  Unfortunately, walking was not an option because my running friends were marshalling the event.  They would definitely would not allow me to do it. 

Post Race Shot with Carina and Vicky (photo by

 They were all chanting and teasing me as I passed,  Some would try to attempt to stop me and some would cheer for me to push more.  Others say I am too slow and other would took a picture of me.  

With the main man Boss Jinoe

 Last 200m  Mr. Rovilson  suddenly cut my way so I pushed myself hard again to the finish line.  It’s 52:21 on my garmin  resulting to a 1 min and 19 sec PR from last year.

I can still see a lot of room for improvement.  I can push myself but I sometimes get weak in the end making me to do it a little slower until I get back to pushing again.   Glad that I made it though to hit a new personal best for 5K (split) and 10K. 

(Sleep mode.)