Beat it! (Grand Fiesta Run)

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

53:40.  My personal best I had a year ago.  After that, I have never tried joining another 10K where I indulged myself and aim for a better time. Fit and Buddy Run was more of a fun run for me where I ran with a friend and Men’s Health Urabanathlon was way from being serious due to the fuzzy obstacles and the waiting time it had.

Nagpacute pa sa race! x_X (Photo by: Ronnel Go)

Grand Fiesta Run was the one that I thought I could hit my  new personal best, I had a little sleep as always but I was too optimistic about it. Vicky was there too who claimed that she claimed that she hadn’t much training lately. We talked about funny days and ultramarathons until the race began.

 I huff and puff like what some powerpuff boys do. I pushed myself as much as I could that results to hit my 5K pr of 24:41.  Glad about the thought but I already felt tired.  I was sleepy and even thought that it would be a lot better if I walked.  Unfortunately, walking was not an option because my running friends were marshalling the event.  They would definitely would not allow me to do it. 

Post Race Shot with Carina and Vicky (photo by

 They were all chanting and teasing me as I passed,  Some would try to attempt to stop me and some would cheer for me to push more.  Others say I am too slow and other would took a picture of me.  

With the main man Boss Jinoe

 Last 200m  Mr. Rovilson  suddenly cut my way so I pushed myself hard again to the finish line.  It’s 52:21 on my garmin  resulting to a 1 min and 19 sec PR from last year.

I can still see a lot of room for improvement.  I can push myself but I sometimes get weak in the end making me to do it a little slower until I get back to pushing again.   Glad that I made it though to hit a new personal best for 5K (split) and 10K. 

(Sleep mode.)


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