Personal Triumph and a Marathon Defeat (QCIM 2010)

All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.  – Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho

A personal Triumph!

It was already in my plans that I am going to run another marathon this December. QCIM. I may say that I really hadn’t had much training on this. I’ve been busy with something else although I still workout. I could’ve quit running it because of my busy schedule. Sleeping late nights making it hard for me to run in the morning which is the only chance I have. I lacked the training required for this event. 

Awarded Man of the Night as well and Won a DVD in a Raffle = 1 Lucky Guy!

I had ran 32K initiated by Rio last November, which gave me a good opportunity to train. I was somewhat satisfied with my performance because I felt that was only what I can exert; however, marathon would definitely a different thing.

December 4; the night before the marathon; I had a company gathering to attend; eat a lot, chat with my friends, and colleages, had some photos  and enjoyed the party!  I was chosen the man of the night, had an employee award and won a DVD Player in the raffle. Oh boy, I was really a blessed guy that night yet I left before the event ends.  That would be the best option or I will definitely suffer an ill consequence on tomorrow’s event.  It was really late so I decided to spend the night in the office until 2AM giving me again only 2 hours of sleep (Better than going home to Cavite).


In the middle of the race at around Km 29. Photo by Carl Balagot

Arriving at the event at 3:45, everything looks set up, but the race started a little late. A few kilometers after the race has started, I suddenly felt that I hadn’t put enough petroleum gels on some parts of my body. I bet I’m going to have chaffing anytime soon, not to mention that my tummy suddenly crumbled and bothered me until I reckoned that I drank a flaming wine on the last night’s party. I can’t stop now, regardless of this discomfort. T’was a hateful feeling! Duh!


Oh well, at least I was smiling to the finish line. Cyril, a runner from six:30 finished on the other hand cutting morethan an hour on his previous time. (Photo by Bilz)

I had really taken the race for granted I thought. All the stuffs that I typically do prior to the race were neglected. Imagine, due to my lack of preparation, I forgot to clean the shoes that I am going to wear ending up on a shoe that I used on my last two Ultramarathons.  I should have known by then being a seasoned runner, nevertheless, I made it to the finish line at 4:51 (chip time) which is a two-minute improvement on my previous PR. Good thing I still manage to pull it through notwithstanding what happened… Thanks to the people who keep on motivating me to get there.


It was really a marathon to learn by heart and to commit to memory. I mistreated the race for not preparing much for it that’s why it has given a toll on me. It gave me a real blast! Oh well, at least I had my PR at work!


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