On Being The Fat Ass King

It’s not about speed, but hardwork, resistance
to temptation and a little bit of luck made the turtle a winner…

My Bib. Give 9 to Rona Dizon for the effort.

Fat-Ass 2011. A free running event where in you will run a 2.2 Km loop for 6/12/24 hours.  I was having 2nd thoughts of joining this event due to the running blues I had last Christmas season, yet with only 2 weeks to go, I have decided to sign up. I rushed to my training and ran everyday since Jan 1.  NO TAPERING FOR THE MEAN TIME.
Gary, a friend initiated the transportation while Rona got the bib making job. Earl on the other hand answers all my FAQs.

My dailymile summary for the week due to the guilt I had after Christmas Season.

Most of us decided to join the 12 hour category, and we have planned to start on the second half instead of the first to avoid the heat. Upon arriving at Clark, 24 hour runners where there circling around the Fat-ass loop.

Before the game begins

On our turn, we started at 6pm and I ran on somewhat moderate pace. It was cold for the wind’s breeze kept on touching us, but I didn’t really mind it because my body was already adopting to it.

Dilemma, chaffing:
I had it right from the very start. I know what I have done wrong despite of some preventive actions that what I have done. Sigh, that would be a long day for me. Petroleum gel was my best friend then for I try to go after it every loop until even applying it already hurts…

Running in chaffe.

Damage has been done, yet I chose not to stop until I realized that the loop to beat is only 38 loops (done by Camilla Brooks) which I believe is doable for me if I just pursue with the game.

I hit 20 loops after midnight, and became more optimistic in getting the target, despite of the uncomfortable feeling. Damn! I hit 50k before 7 hours and 70k at 10 hours. Another motivation that I had then was Earl who as well do not have any plans of stopping was trying to complete the same loop that I had, just a few minutes after me.

My very first podium finish

Last hour and I have accomplished 34 loops, my target faded after that as I can no longer run instead, I walk. 35th, then 36th… That’s it! I stopped despite of the remaining 12 minutes for I knew it will not complete a loop. I called it a day eventually…

That was my first podium finish… The fat ass king!
That was the name they called me at the end of the day. I could hardly walk for the wound of war almost put me down.

Team CB, HOB's Team Boring, Takbo.ph friends. Thank you!

Advantages? Yes, I guess; for it was not hot during the night, I even believed that I over-trained myself for the week for I didn’t stopped running since Jan 1 due to the guilt of gluttony over the Christmas holidays.  Seriously, I may not have done it under the sun’s heat!

What did I miss?

Joining Team Boring’s fiesta!  Drinks, food and laugh, hacking food from the Team HOB’s (Hang Out Buddies) and sleeping in Brandy’s tent.  Oh, probably next time.

Attack!!! Thanks for the sumptous breakfast Dizon Family!

Thank you friends and Lord God for making this crazy day…
What’s next? We’ll see!!!



Here are the results of the event –> RESULT


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