Team CB Challenge: Kuya Kim’s Adventure Race

Team CB members and guests turned organizers and participants. All unite for a different twist of adventure!

The participants with Kuya Kim

It has been brewing for months when we thought of making a unique thing for our 1st year anniversary.  All of them wants a different thing other than running, and so Hypermarvs aka Kuya Kim’s Amazing adventure was formed.

We really planned of making it a small group due to security reasons. We didn’t pay for any permit at all so we have tried to managed the crowd… Five teams were formed with 4 players each. Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow.  Seven Pit-stops with seven different challenges.  From the start, Tiendesitas to White Plains to UP to BHS to Ultra and back. They ran, walk, ride a cab, train, truck, and used all strategies they’ve got to win.

The Teams:

Blue Team

Players: Bave, Juvy, Mccoy and Dennis

Green Team

Allan Ray, Apple, Ellen and Edwin

Orange Team

Simply-Wilnar, Paolo, Ocho and Macky

Red Team

Carly, Bilz, Raymund and Chang

Yellow Team

Athan, Ronnie, Eric and Jimmy

The Challenges:

Getting ready!

Where: Tiendesitas

Game:  Transfer the Cottons

One player will put the cotton balls on his nose and transfer it to the other side with the use of petroleum gels to make the cotton stick to their nose.

Athan tried... but it was an EPIC FAIL!

Where: White Plains

Game: Face the cookie

Using only their face, contestants must move Oreo cookies individually from their foreheads to their mouths.  You just thought it’s easy but it’s not!

Allan ray trying to do his part.

Where: UP

Game: Hanky panky

Use only one hand to pull tissues out of a tissue boxes one-at-a-time until box is empty.  Doing both hands is easy but this one can be tricky!

It's Mccoy's chance to provde what he can do!

Where: Burgos Circle, Taguig

Game:  Marshmallow Balance

Balance four marshmallows in their mouths for 5 secs.  Another easy task, but your grip, and the way you put the fluffy stuff could ruin the task.

Bilz having a hard time?

Where: BHS

Game: Stack attack –

Use plastic cups to erect a triangle-shaped structure, then move them all into a single stack. 


Where: St Paul, Pasig

Game: Separation Anxiety

Player must separate a pile of multicolored M&Ms into separate containers in a set color order.


Where: Ultra, Pasig

Game:  Puzzle the puzzle

Players should assemble the puzzle. That easy!  The only trick is where are we?!

Recap:  Here are some photos that occured during the event:

Team Red hitched on a truck!

Who would have thought these guys would ride on a truck?  Good thing they are not desperate enough to ride on a garbage truck!

Now where are they?

Seriously, which part of Manila are they still in?  Were they lost? 

Tell me, what was Mccoy complaining about!

Blue team was the first team to complete the 4th challenge in Burgos Circle. 

Orange team gave a pretty good fight as well!

Idol Simply_Wilnar indeed had a blast!

Trying their best!

Yellow team gave their best effort as well!

Some went to trails, some just to the roads, all of them got tired but I do hope they had some fun for the we have really tried our best to give them a good challenge.


At the end, Red team won being the first team to arrived and the least money spent!


Another wonderful experience for us! Planning spearheaded by Hypermarvs all paid off! A year of thanks giving for a great year and looking forward for another year ahead!

Organizers and Participants and Guests

I wonder what’s next… Oh! How about The Argonaut’s Quest for the Golden Tune?


7 thoughts on “Team CB Challenge: Kuya Kim’s Adventure Race

  1. Argo and TEAM CB

    Maraming Salamat sa invite and adventure! It was an awesome and great experience! I really really really enjoyed it! Astig ang concept ninyo! Happy 1st year anniversary to you guys!

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