Congratulations Greentenial Run!

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” – Confucius

I would say that the last Greentenial Run is a success!  No fuss about it!  Perhaps the way the organizers prepared it was the the key; not to mention Mr Greentenial a lot of running events just to take pictures of runners for free!  I rest my case, You are awesome!  Superb! 

My very own finish (Photo from KB Runner)

On my performance?  It was alright.  Didn’t expect too much that I’ll hit a new record, although I tried at first but my positive split didn’t really work.   It was a shameful week for me.  Didn’t run for a week but only in Greentenial Run.  Although I worked out and swam, but I think,  I do not have proper goal at present except nailing Bataan Death March (160K) .

I finished at 1:30 for 15K but didn’t see my bib number in the  results.  Anyway,  again, I’m glad on my performance according to my current fitness level…
Can’t say more, but congratulations to Greentenial run!

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