Skyway Soaring (2nd Condura Marathon Experience)

 No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.William Penn
PR! photo by Iris Rivera

I hit a new PR once again. Barely 3 minutes from my last Marathon, two months back. Despite of the low training mileage that I had for the past few weeks, I am glad that I pulled it through to get myself a new record…

I didn’t really plan right from the start of the race that I will get a new PR. I just told myself that I would give my best effort with the right strategy. I ran my normal pace of 6:30 with walks in between if I would feel sore. I took two energy gels to use during the run which I consumed at Km 15 and Km 28. I felt good the whole time or probably I thought I’m good the whole time. I cheered as many friends as I can and enjoy the good weather; even got the confidence of hitting a good time to the finish line… At the last 13k, getting a 4:30 is possible; yet I was wrong…

Pre race. Kanto Boys In Uniform!

Cramps… It immobilized me probably for 2 minutes at the 30th Km. Dehydration hit me already.   I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t do anything.

A Friend Maria catching me before going down the Skyway

 I froze. I looked at every runners who passed me by, helpless until the stiffening of my calf muscles subsided. Maybe I could still do a 4:40 at the remaining 7k of the race. I couldn’t help myself any longer after every kilometer as my pace already declined. Good thing Captain Tere was there which also serve as my motivation to catch up with her.

Down to the last kilometer I saw another friend Allan and upon catching up with him, I told him that it would be better to just walk the last few yards to which he agreed and the two of us crossed together at 4:50 (clock time), 4:49 (chip time).

It was indeed an awesome finish for the crowd was there to cheer for you and shouts for your name the before you cross the finish line! Oh what can I say but thank you!  It made me feel like a champ!

At last! Me and Allan crossed the finish line together! haha!

Okay, again I’m glad with what I have accomplished; however, looking back on what could have probably gone wrong, hmm, I’m thinking if it was because of the hydration, for the race only served water and the carbonated drink everyone avoids.  A year ago when I ran the same race, massive cramps hit me as well.  So I believe it’s a factor.  I would definitely bring my own hydration next time for me to avoid this.  Or maybe I should train more! haha!

Photo Ops for now with friends:

with Hangout Buddies
with TPB
with team CB Gang!
All photos were just grabbed in different facebook pages. I’m too sore to get my own camera and take a picture of us!  Thank you everyone!!!

7 thoughts on “Skyway Soaring (2nd Condura Marathon Experience)

  1. ikaw na! ikaw na nag matabang mabilis! wahahaha pero mabilis pa rin! kailangan ba talaga ng garmin para bumilis? wahahaha!

    congrats coco b.ware! tinalo mo si lolo kasi may sakit sa puso (wala daw kasing laman, kailangan natin lagyan!)

    galing argo! 🙂 cong to you!

  2. go, Argo! yup. I too only drank water and didn’t bring my own brew. 100plus pala ang tandem ng water…tsk tsk…pero yup, we still survived, had a great run, a warm welcome at the finish from friends and of course a PR.

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