Thoughts: Mind Setting

A winning mindset is one of positive confidence. You never see successful people acting the victim or looking depressed, right? They understand that success is a direct result of their attitude. – from someone who has a positive outlook in life.

Getting Ready for the real game....


Bataan Death March, 160 Km this 2011 on it’s third edition.  I conquered the 2nd, which is 102 Km; but can I do another this time?  Playful thoughts running on my mind.  Optimistic are greatly considered, Negative ones were trashed.  Right at this very moment, I am thanking all my friends who are currently arranging on the support. who had pledge for their presence to guide me along the route.  Salamat! It will be one hell of a day for you as well. Nursing a fat ass like me would be tough. 

To the people who believed in me., thank you!  You’re giving me lot’s of energy.

To the people who mock me, and thinks I’m a chicken, thank you for you just challenged me. 

 I am not sure that I will go over this event on time, but I will definitely try my best to finish it. No matter what.

May God bless the warriors of Bataan Death March.

–Thanks Chud Barreyro for the photo


10 thoughts on “Thoughts: Mind Setting

  1. hoist argo! goodluck sa 160! i may not be there physically, but just like last year, i will be cheering, supporting ang jeering you all to finish your races! walang sira ulong mag DNF sa ganyang katinding bakbakan! pumasok man sa cut-off o hindi, saludo ako sa bilang na taong tatahak ng 160. kaya nyo yan!! gow gow argow!

  2. I have no doubts that you will reach the finish line. In fact, I am pretty sure that you will turn out to be among the fastest runners of this first and longest Philippine ultramarathon event! I’m with you in prayers! You can do it. You are already a winner!

  3. pati yung mga braso mo naka-positive… hehehe. o tinatakot mo yung mga multo kaya naka-cross.ü

    “GO Del!!!” – play mo lang itong sigaw ko kapag medyo kailangan mo ng tagapilit.

    “PUSH, PUSH, PUSH! GO Takbo!”

    God bless pre.


  4. Kelan ba ito at di-ne-deadma mo ang invite ko for dinner sa place namin? Kaw rin, very renowned ang kare kare ng Dad ko. Alam ni Chad yun. Hahaha! Eto pa, may bago akong biling chia seeds. Pagtitimpla pa kita ng chia fresca or iskiate para power up talaga!

    Pero dahil nagpe-prepare ka for this race, akin na lang yung tsokolate with siling labuyo. =P

    Here’s another vote of confidence that you can reach the finish line – like you always do. And, yeah, I agree, it all starts in the mindset. Go for it!

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