Ultra-Marathon, A Team Sport

Never reach out your hand unless you’re willing to extend an arm. Elizabeth Fuller
My Support last BDM 160K

A week ago, It was me running BDM, now,  It’s time to help.  I volunteered myself to be one of Earl’s (Running Gramps) Support Crew together with Idol-BDM-160K-Champ-Simply_Wilnar and JejeRNR Allan Martos AKA Lucky AKA DODAYISHI, 1st PAU 50K Run Finisher.

Team Lolo (Photo by Irere Ong)

On my flight for 160 Kilometer race and being a support crew, I have come to realize that running an Ultra-marathon is a team sport  (unless you are running alone).   It was the Runner and Support Crew relationship.  The runner being your champion and the support to maintain the champion’s strength to make sure that he is at his finest despite of hours of running , location, and unimaginable weather condition.     Yes, it was the support crew’s responsibility to make sure that the runner is doing good; however, the runner also creates a undeclared responsiblity to his support crews at well.  That he should finish it and he should never give up no matter what.  At times, the runner can become to grouchy due to discomfort and this time, the support’s patience is measured.  The support needs to give whatever they’ve got to help.  On some ocassion, you help them change stuff like shirt, socks and shoes ( I never heard someone seek assistance on shorts chage though – haha!).  It’s a long day for the team…

Earl crosses the finish line in BDM 102 at 15:10

Fast forward.  Aftr a very long day,  Everything freezes at the finish line.  The time the runner crosses the finishline is not just the runner’s success but to the support crew as well; an awesome and unexplainable feeling of truimph on both ends. 

Support and Runner glad to be at the finishline.


Does anyone bothers to take photos on your way back home?  😛

Dreaming of the next ultramarathon to conquer

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