I Circumnavigate Mayon

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” – from someone


Event Banner from http://www.mayon360.com/


What can i say about Mayon 360 experience?

Glad that I was still able to have a quick peek of Cagsawa Ruins again.




Magayon Festival

I would bet that it’s not only me who would comment about this but others as well who took part on this event may it be a runner, an organizer, supporter or a bystander. The whole route may have been driving me up the wall a dozen times but i totally enjoyed the event 100%. We had an effective organizer, and supporters who will never leave you behind. People at the aidstations were all happy to see us asking if we were okay and providing us what we need (Okay, the water is sometimes not cold enough, but who cares!). i never had doubt the moment our group arrived. Magayon Festival, (An extreme discovery of Albay’s rich history and cultural heritage.) gave us a wonderful experience! I got total satisfaction!

All Smile's were brought to us the the Bicolanos!

About the route?


Hypermarvin's ultramarathon debut is the best!


Yes, that’s the word! It was hard and terrible, gruesome and hills, hiiiillls and hiiiiiiillllls! There were lots of it that and never ran out as we try covering it’s circumference. My attack on the race may have been incorrect for I did a positive split right from the start; yet, i never regret it; I will get tired anyway soon, haha! Good thing about it was that, I never had cramps or chaffing or any big injury except that I got tired which will eventually occured to all of us who joined.

At least I took one photo on this event! Congratulations Everyone!

I finished the race in 11 hour and 10 min.  24th among the 69 runners who joined. Did I mention I had a good massage after the race? Wow! That is totally unexpected.

Will I be doing it again? Yes! if chance permits.

Photo by Estan Cabigas


Yves Yu, JP Lee, Oriel Madela, Governor Joey Salceda, Bald Runner,  JCI Legaspi and the people of Albay, Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Noel Dizon, our host who gave us a warm place to sleep, Thank you!

Team CB, nice seeing you again on the race.   Maridol, sole support, thanks again! No need to worry about me! hehe!

Group Hug. from Ubaniv Nekros FB Page

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