Another Act of Random Kindness (Run for Japan)

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.  ~Dalai Lama

Run for Japan Banner

A few weeks ago, I received a message from a friend:

Hi Argo. I guess you’ve heard about the event that we are organizing entitled “Run for Japan”. Most of our manpower and suppliers will be sourced out through sponsors and volunteers. Our target is to generate P50,000-100,000, which will be donated to the Japan Red Cross.

So what does this have to do with you anyway? I am knocking in your kind heart for your time and support. I’ve witnessed your hosting stint on three different occasions. Runfest, Run Feast Post Run Party and the Christmas Party 2010. All I can say is “ikaw na”! Hehehe! Ang galing mo. I wish I have a talent and PR like yours.

Anyway, event date is on April 17, 2011 – 3rd Sunday. Venue will be at BGC- The Fort.

Please, please, please…We need your help…Thanks in advance…God bless! 🙂

<pumayag ka na please. mahirap mag-english…hehehe! >

Me, Angel, PY and TJ (photo by Jeff Avellanosa)

I thought she was joking after sending me this mail, I asked a few questions and eventually agreed to her after. The event is for a good cause and I will be a part of it! Right from the start I never had any doubts that I will not be able to handle this event properly, I was confident (yabang na no?!) for I have already done this a couple of times, although this time, it would be a bigger crowd…

Hah! I totally have no idea what was going on behind me! (photo by Mark Leonard Manalo)

The event started with an awkward moment.  Technical difficulties hinder us from giving a healthy opening but good thing we eventually go with the flow  I saw a couple of friends during our stint and somewhat hearing their side comments.

“Argo kinareer mo na lahat!”

“Level up ka na! ”

“Ikaw na!”

I could almost respond on their chants but I need to be focused! Haha! The festive air was already there. there were cosplayers, sumo wrestlers, samurais, runners, plus the anime’ music way back in my intermediate days.  Dragon BallZ, Bioman, Shaider, VoltesV. T’was awesome!

With the Supporters of this Event (photo by: Glo Arbatin)

It was a non-stop talk, except the portion where we need to transfer from the Stage in the starting area to the stage in the activity area.  Thank the sponsors, acknowledge the runners, plug the upcoming race…adlib… adlib… Thank the sponsors, acknowledge the runners, plug the upcoming race… adlib… adlib…  It was like that until the awarding.

I was dead hungry after the event, but it was all worth it! We had fun and we were able to help.  I am glad that I became a part of it.

Thank you Greentenial Team for the opportunity!


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