Yapak ni Hesus

Quick trip to relax

Relax Mode at the End

It was an awesome idea for of a friend to celebrate her birthday through trekking at Dolores Quezon.  I didn’t hesitate the moment she invited me. I brought my common stuff on this trip and realized that all my mountaineering knowledge has almost been forgotten. Haha!  I didn’t bring a dry-bag,  wore running shoes instead of a pair of sandals or a better trekking shoes making me to hike barefoot and step on gravels, no utensils but good thing they have brought some.  Shame shame on me!  It rained and I was a bit frightened to have my camera become wet.  It was another luck once again that the rain stopped.

There they are enjoying...

It was a great day!  I had fun and thanks to my friend Anne for giving me the opportunity to get a quick relaxing trip like this.Until next time.  Below are some of the photos I had. I promise to remember my BMC on my next trip! Tee-hee!

Low apperture, Low exposure, Low ISO shot.
Mira taking photos
There they are...



3 thoughts on “Yapak ni Hesus

  1. Share more pix please? And thanks for coming since it’s most likely the last out of town we’ll be together before you become an ex-pat! 😀

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