More of Doha

More of Doha Shots

Doha from the top…

I just don’t really have something to say on this post. Haha!  Yup, all but photos I would like to share.  The goodness and beauty of the city in Qatar named Doha.

City Center Doha

This is just one of the few big malls you can find in Doha, nothing is special though but still a good place to stay specially during summer!  😀
Islamic Cultural Center
This is one place you can see when walking along corniche road  the spiral mosque of the Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Center.  One of Doha’s most famous landmarks located near Souq Waqif . Definitely stunning during the night!
The other side of the city
Buildings you can see along the corniche road.
Villaggio Mall
 Another Villaggio Mall shot.
Common Signages you can see in the roads of Doha
Along  the road….
City View
The other side of the city, you can get nearing by riding passenger boat that will tour you or at least get cloase to this; however, you can get there by riding a cab. hehe!
Qatar Currency
 I bet there lots of beautiful spots in Doha that I have not seen; maybe in my next visit I can have more of it.  Until next time. 
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Quick Qatar Trip

Just roaming around…

The highest tower in Qatar at 300m only. Taller than PBCom by 41m, Philippines' higher tower.

I just moved into a new job that will definitely change my running passion.  I’m moving to middle east.  For how long, I don’t know.  Oh well,  before I get into serious work,  I guess I need to go around the Qatar area first.

On of Villaggio Posts

First, was the Aspire Tower,  the highest tower in Qatar that is at least 300m high.  I bet PBCom tower was taller but it was actually not.  It is higher by a couple of meters.   If you try too look at it closely, it looks like a torch for it symbolized the December 2006 Asian Games.

Still at Villaggio

Next is this Villaggio Mall.  This pseudo-Venice place will make you feel (though not quite) you are in Venice.  Oh I should have roam around more to get a better picture.  Did I mention they have an Adidas Sale here?  McDonalds and KFC too! 😛

Oh there's a bridge inside the mall!

Another place that I look at is the Aspire park,  I bet it’s really a good place to run! I thought at first that Qatar is pure sand but I was wrong.  Now I wonder how much they spent to get a fertile soil and plant some bermuda grass on it.  Aspire park has a nice loop, with pavement better than UP Diliman.  Pretty neat eh-?

To the right is the aspire tower, to the left is a fat fat tree like me. 😛

Now you just wouldn’t want to run here at noon time…  Weather here is extremely hot.

Hmmm, this is where you pass if you want to get refreshed after a run.

Hopefully,  I could get a chance of going to some places too.

That’s all for now.

Adizero Boston Ekiden, My Prized Pair

Because I believed it is the best, it became the best!

This pair went through a couple of ultramarathons!

Adizero Boston Ekiden, A Shoe for a neutral-type foot.  I was doubtful the time I got this pair for I belong to stab types as per my gait analysis declared years back, the lightweight asset of it made me think anyway that this would do good for me if i’ll be using it for short distance events.  I took it!

I hit 5K on the road;  doubtful but the run went well anyway.  It was good.  The next few weeks, I hit 10 and 15 on it and I didn’t have any complaints.  I was getting better and better until I tried to run a 32K race on it last November in a Run-Rio race.  I PR-ed! Wow!

The pair became my running partner although  I used other shoes during trainings but this was the prized one. My favorite.  I ran the second thirds (Km 50 – 102) of  BDM 160K with these as part of my strategy to use a lightweight pair.

Glad and Strong in the middle of the race

A month after, I used the duo again to pace some friends in dream marathon.  I felt a slight pain on it after the event.  I suddenly thought that it’s time to say goodbye.  I kept on thinking if this was really the factor why until I realized that it was because of the other pair that I used a week before this race.  So, it’s not because of my boston ekiden. Hmp!

Still at it's best?

Mayon 360.  An 80Km race.  No support crew event.  Teehee.  I brought 2 different pairs of shoes but my heart opted to use boston ekiden.  I was amazed on it’s ability despite again that this is for neutral type as what Adidas claimed?  Hmmm… It might be because of my stride I guess (Wow!).

It was an awesome ride

at present, I’m still using the duo and even thinking of using it for my next ultra-marathon.

Just to let everyone knows, here is what they claimed about MEN’s Adizero Boston:

Your feet will be flying in this lightweight trainer. The adidas adiZero™ Boston is a neutral running shoe for serious training. Built for speed and featuring ground-adapting FORMOTION™ for comfortably smooth landings, it stays responsive through all the hard training.

This may not be the exact shoe for my type but this definitely removed my doubt’s.  It’s official it’s my favorite pair of shoes!

Trekking Pinatubo

The poetry of the earth is never dead.  ~John Keats

The photo would be even better without me but I need this photo op! XD

 T’was raining that early morning when we the bus took off, puzzled at the thought of making it there but we have decided to pursue.  We can always go back anyway and at least we have tried.  Everything is set up and there’s no turning back.  Thanks to the organizers “AKYAT PINATUBO” and their sponsors for setting up this event.   My failed plans in going to this place finally came to reality.

The four wheel drive adventure could be scary when it passes through a soft, wet and muddy ground!
The trek started riding a four-wheel drive.  I haven’t seen anything yet but things are getting better and better each time we pass the muddy trail.  It was a little scary sometimes when passing through a soft ground, afraid that we might fall off or the jeep would turtle roll (I could sometimes turn paranoid).
It was raining! Yeah it is...
We stopped the moment the four-wheel drive could no longer move towards the rocky part, ’twas our time to walk.  I’m not sure but they said it was an “8Km” trail.  I can do that in less than an hour but becuase it’s raining,  I’m on sandals,  It’s rocky and I’m picture taking, I bet it would take us more than two hours.
Water flow made the trek even harder.
It’s funny that the weather is acting weird that time.  It would rain and stop, rain again and stop.  I am no hard core mountaineer or trekker so I find it a little hard for me; however, it was not a good time to whine about it, for I know I have a high tolerance on discomforts.
It would be fun to at least sit and enjoy the view.
Well, a little break should be fine…. 🙂
Half way, I guess...
As we move,  things are turning out to be even better, the sun is showing up now.  We are just a bit tired though, but this is peanut compared to a marathon.
Other than us, there are animals like goats and cows that roams around the area.
Mushrooms living on some tree trunk
During our trek,  other than water and rocks,  there are some stuff that we saw as well.   Goats and cows were roaming around the place, probably their shepherds put them there in search for grasses to eat.  Moss and mushrooms were visible also due to its moist ambiance.
Going up the crater now, on the sign I will know how will I be classified.
At last we came to the final pit stop,  and from there you will see a sign that classifies your level when you go up to the crater of Pinatubo.
The Majestic
Closer look
It's swimming time!!!
Like on a race, it was a total relief when you’ve reach finish line.  That’s the same feeling when we  had reached the crater.   We sat, swam, had picnic and enjoyed looking at its beauty like as if we were reading the poetry of nature.  Peaceful, Calm, Serene…
Running friends who joined me at "AKYAT PINATUBO"
So much of enjoying the place, but we need to go back.  8Km of trek again but it was easy for us this time.  The rain was over, me at picture-taking-mode no more, so I can now do what I want to do…  To RUN!
Oh well, not really running all through out but I did ran it, and made my running friends envy me and so they ran as well until we reached the jump off and to rest at the jeep. I came in first!  haha!
BDM Memory

Surprisingly, AKYAT PINTUBO  organizers mentioned that there will be a side trip.  Camp O’ Donell is nearby and it would be good to at least take some snap of the location.  BDM memories, flashed the moment we arrived.  We fooled around by doing this finish-line-last-few-meter-dash, took snaps of the place until we call it a day.

I slept tired with a smile that night.

Behind the Race

I support!


Three Sundays.  Didn’t race, but did three different things to support three races.  A bit rewarding for I got a couple of affirmation from some of my friends who saw my stints.

Photographer's Photo Ops by Greg Galang

1. Goldilocks Fun Run.  I was hired as a photographer. Thanks Rio for the opportunity and Doc Marvin for pulling me in the list.

photo from Sheryl Quimosing FB Page

2. Hosted once again another Greentenial Event, the Greentenial Half Marathon.  Thanks for for trusting me again Kat Orbista and Rovic Canono.  Hosting is tiring as much as doing a 21K but still all worth the fun.  Oops, thanks KB Runner, another co-host of the event for picking a decent Baywatch outfit. hehe!

The Birth of Ortigas Muchers by Maridol Yabut

3.  Lead the Ortigas Munchers in Adination of Runners’s 2nd 5th Sunday Run together with Co-Team Leader Drew Llanes.  Oh we did not win, but we at least put our best foot forward and had fun!  Awesome event indeed!

Huh?! Where are my running photos now?!

Caught in Pompom by Letsky Les

Haha! At least I had one!