Behind the Race

I support!


Three Sundays.  Didn’t race, but did three different things to support three races.  A bit rewarding for I got a couple of affirmation from some of my friends who saw my stints.

Photographer's Photo Ops by Greg Galang

1. Goldilocks Fun Run.  I was hired as a photographer. Thanks Rio for the opportunity and Doc Marvin for pulling me in the list.

photo from Sheryl Quimosing FB Page

2. Hosted once again another Greentenial Event, the Greentenial Half Marathon.  Thanks for for trusting me again Kat Orbista and Rovic Canono.  Hosting is tiring as much as doing a 21K but still all worth the fun.  Oops, thanks KB Runner, another co-host of the event for picking a decent Baywatch outfit. hehe!

The Birth of Ortigas Muchers by Maridol Yabut

3.  Lead the Ortigas Munchers in Adination of Runners’s 2nd 5th Sunday Run together with Co-Team Leader Drew Llanes.  Oh we did not win, but we at least put our best foot forward and had fun!  Awesome event indeed!

Huh?! Where are my running photos now?!

Caught in Pompom by Letsky Les

Haha! At least I had one!


11 thoughts on “Behind the Race

  1. you’re the best!!! And you have a lot of running photos during the 2nd 5th Sunday Run., sprints pa nga eh 😉

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