Quick Qatar Trip

Just roaming around…

The highest tower in Qatar at 300m only. Taller than PBCom by 41m, Philippines' higher tower.

I just moved into a new job that will definitely change my running passion.  I’m moving to middle east.  For how long, I don’t know.  Oh well,  before I get into serious work,  I guess I need to go around the Qatar area first.

On of Villaggio Posts

First, was the Aspire Tower,  the highest tower in Qatar that is at least 300m high.  I bet PBCom tower was taller but it was actually not.  It is higher by a couple of meters.   If you try too look at it closely, it looks like a torch for it symbolized the December 2006 Asian Games.

Still at Villaggio

Next is this Villaggio Mall.  This pseudo-Venice place will make you feel (though not quite) you are in Venice.  Oh I should have roam around more to get a better picture.  Did I mention they have an Adidas Sale here?  McDonalds and KFC too! 😛

Oh there's a bridge inside the mall!

Another place that I look at is the Aspire park,  I bet it’s really a good place to run! I thought at first that Qatar is pure sand but I was wrong.  Now I wonder how much they spent to get a fertile soil and plant some bermuda grass on it.  Aspire park has a nice loop, with pavement better than UP Diliman.  Pretty neat eh-?

To the right is the aspire tower, to the left is a fat fat tree like me. 😛

Now you just wouldn’t want to run here at noon time…  Weather here is extremely hot.

Hmmm, this is where you pass if you want to get refreshed after a run.

Hopefully,  I could get a chance of going to some places too.

That’s all for now.


14 thoughts on “Quick Qatar Trip

  1. pare ang layo na ng narating mo kami d2 sa QCPI hangad ang iyong tagumpay hwag na hwag ka lang magbabago tulad ng ginagawa mo sa unleashed natin natatandaan mo pa ba? ingat ka palagi dito lang kami!!! GOB bless you always:)

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