More of Doha

More of Doha Shots

Doha from the top…

I just don’t really have something to say on this post. Haha!  Yup, all but photos I would like to share.  The goodness and beauty of the city in Qatar named Doha.

City Center Doha

This is just one of the few big malls you can find in Doha, nothing is special though but still a good place to stay specially during summer!  😀
Islamic Cultural Center
This is one place you can see when walking along corniche road  the spiral mosque of the Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islamic Center.  One of Doha’s most famous landmarks located near Souq Waqif . Definitely stunning during the night!
The other side of the city
Buildings you can see along the corniche road.
Villaggio Mall
 Another Villaggio Mall shot.
Common Signages you can see in the roads of Doha
Along  the road….
City View
The other side of the city, you can get nearing by riding passenger boat that will tour you or at least get cloase to this; however, you can get there by riding a cab. hehe!
Qatar Currency
 I bet there lots of beautiful spots in Doha that I have not seen; maybe in my next visit I can have more of it.  Until next time. 
View more of the photos here: Doha

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