Two-time Look Back

July is my favorite month!  It is because I celebrate my youth and at the same time my maturity this time of the year!  I look back on what I have done the previous year and rechecking if i’ll be getting better the next time.  There are actually lots of surprising events that occured this year,  and almost all of them are fulfilling! 

July, my month…

This time of the year, there are also two other events that I have celebrated.  First,  the anniversary; second the Milo Marathon.

On my previous posts, I have informed that I was in middle east for work.   I even celebrated my birthday there which is my first time, but despite of that, I still have enjoyed it in my own right of satisfaction.  There was a so-called “inner peace”  on my 28th birthday.  haha!     Going back,  July 24 was the RunFest which of course I want to be a part with again just like last year!  Again, I voluntered myself to be with DJ Chloe which is of course an honor for me! 

Back to back Runfest. Yes, I gained a little weight! hehe!

Here is my one year old post on Runfest 2010

I could almost quit running Milo Marathon because of my extremely poor mileage for the past few weeks;   probably 10K per week or less, although better than not running at all.  I did not register for the event because I was afraid that I won’t be meeting the 6 hour cut off.  I would blame Wesley  for bugging me to run it (or maybe I should thank him for believing in me).  I got a bib on the day itself from a friend’s friend.   During the whole race,  I have no intentions of hitting a sub 5.  I was conservatively trying but I gave up  on the thought at Km 30.  I didn’t happen.

Back to back Milo Marathon Event

This was my worst marathon time after my first marathon in Subic in 2009. It didnt matter though,  I was happy I finished that race under cut off (5:24).   I could try again next time.  🙂

 Here is my old Milo Marathon Story.
So there are the two stuff that I have done last year.  I happily did it again this year, and hopefully I can do it again next year! 
Acknowledgments to the following for the photos:, KB Photography, Photvendo and Sheryl Quimosing

The Need to Change on a Changing World

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

One shot in Kuwait. It's 48C that day. Ouch!

I’ve been through a lot of changes, not just a minor change but totally a big change.  What I do in the past might totally be different to what I will be doing tomorrow.  I have just changed my career and that would be on a different place.  I’ve been through a series of stress lately that made my training sessions hard to cope out; say, I am still trying to acclimate to the place where I will be working and living.  I  tried working out almost 4 times a week in middle east for the past six weeks but I must say,  that the workout that I am doing was not actually inclinded for a runner.  I ran 3-5K on a treadmill and that it.  I hate treadmills because it’s stationary and I feel it’s boring.  I try going outside for a run but it’s just terrible.  Middle East is extremely arid place.  They even say that it’s already a good weather if it’s 45-47C which is just normal for them.  Okay,  so I just usually stay in the gym to run 3 -5K and work out.  I swim as well sometimes. 

Guilty of putting everything in my tummy. burp

Of course, I wouldn’t blame anyone but myself.  Buffet meal is so inviting you would check most of the stuff not realiazing you’re already full.  Lobster, Shrimps, Fish, Lamb!  It was already a good thing that I sometimes skip the taking the sweets.  I gained weight!  Yes, I have to admit.  Haha!  What else would I need to do but to accept and act upon it soon. 

See-food diet or Sea-food diet?

Don’t get me wrong,  it’s not that I have to avoid these but maybe look up to what’s needs attention; 0n to what my priorities will be.  Of course, if I want to beat myself in future races then I have to at least put it in moderation.   There might not be any weekly races in Kuwait but perhaps I can attempt to joing nearby races like aiming for Dubai Marathon in January. Who knows, I might be able to give it a shot.  We’ll see…

Ferrari World, An Indoor Amusement Park

It’s awesome. It’s like an amusement park! – Aaron Lewis

Not another I must be here photo

When we were bound to Abu Dhabi,  It really didn’t came into my mind the Ferrari World, until one of my friends told me so that leads me to checking about it in the internet. Hmmm, this is definitely a place to visit, I thought!

A portion of the world's largest amusement park

For those who don’t know, Ferrari World is a Ferrari themed amusement park in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE and noted as the world’s largest indoor amusement park in the world.  I bet it wouldn’t be that fun to hang out in this park if it’s not indoor due to the arid weather in  middle east.  So If you are visiting Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World should be one in your list.

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So what can you expect in the Ferrari World?  There are 19 attractions there classified for Kids, Family and for Adult.   You wouldn’t definitely expect too much thrill on the Kids and Family part of course but you could be after for the Adult rides.  One of my favorites is the G-Force, a spaceshot tower that let the rider go up and down.  Unfortunately, I didn’t capture that moment.

Then  it has a double launched roller coaster, the Fiorano GT Challenge which I consider just another roller coaster ride, not that scary though but it was a good ride; then they have this Ferrari  Simulation where you could pretend as if you’re Michael Schumacher  or Fernando Alonso  battling against known F1 Racers.  Pay extra if you want to move to advanced simulation called Scuderia Challenge,   where you can ride on an authentic F1 race car or sports car;  but I daresay, F1 cars are so fast that the challenge you wouldnt enjoy so much if your not really into racing.  I had to rest for an hour or more to lessen my dizziness that I got from all the bumping.   Good thing I didn’t throw up. Hehe!

Among their rides,  Formula Rossa is the ride I think they are most proud of for it is the fastest roller coaster in the world.  It was unfortunate that I was not able to ride on this because of some technical problem it had.  I left for the advanced simulation but I was so dizzy to go back.  (REASONS!)  It was really a damn feeling! 

Aside from these Ferrari Rides,  another important attraction here is it’s Ferrari History, how much they have grown, what do they made and how do they made their cars.  They have some galleries and videos of it.

 Overall, if you have plans of going to display, you definitely need to spend your whole day.  better to start early have some rides, rest, eat, and go back to some rides over and over again.   It’s tiring, but worth going.

Tired but had fun


Ferrari Website

Ferrari World Wikipedia

Looking at Arab’s Rich Culture

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque

UAE’s Grand Mosque

In one of my trips in Abu Dhabi, I have found one of the largest mosques in UAE,  the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is named after as their fondly thought father who’s resting place is on the same grounds of this mosque. 

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 This place is where worships are held specially on Friday gatherings and Eid prayers. We entered and s\inside the walls is a big quadrangle. going inside the dome needs to have your sandals removed just like what Muslims do when praying (and of course this is a mosque); also as a sign of respect for their culture.  Photoshoots is still acceptable though. 

Below are some photose inside:

The view at night. I almost sang the "Arabian Nights" song while looking at the photo.
 I have also tried looking for some related posts of this mosque,  additional information that I have found out is that the artisans and the materials to creat this great structure came from different parts of the world.  They’ve said that its design and construction “unites the world”. 
Indeed, it was a great work.