Looking at Arab’s Rich Culture

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque

UAE’s Grand Mosque

In one of my trips in Abu Dhabi, I have found one of the largest mosques in UAE,  the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is named after as their fondly thought father who’s resting place is on the same grounds of this mosque. 

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 This place is where worships are held specially on Friday gatherings and Eid prayers. We entered and s\inside the walls is a big quadrangle. going inside the dome needs to have your sandals removed just like what Muslims do when praying (and of course this is a mosque); also as a sign of respect for their culture.  Photoshoots is still acceptable though. 

Below are some photose inside:

The view at night. I almost sang the "Arabian Nights" song while looking at the photo.
 I have also tried looking for some related posts of this mosque,  additional information that I have found out is that the artisans and the materials to creat this great structure came from different parts of the world.  They’ve said that its design and construction “unites the world”. 
Indeed, it was a great work.

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