Ferrari World, An Indoor Amusement Park

It’s awesome. It’s like an amusement park! – Aaron Lewis

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When we were bound to Abu Dhabi,  It really didn’t came into my mind the Ferrari World, until one of my friends told me so that leads me to checking about it in the internet. Hmmm, this is definitely a place to visit, I thought!

A portion of the world's largest amusement park

For those who don’t know, Ferrari World is a Ferrari themed amusement park in Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE and noted as the world’s largest indoor amusement park in the world.  I bet it wouldn’t be that fun to hang out in this park if it’s not indoor due to the arid weather in  middle east.  So If you are visiting Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World should be one in your list.

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So what can you expect in the Ferrari World?  There are 19 attractions there classified for Kids, Family and for Adult.   You wouldn’t definitely expect too much thrill on the Kids and Family part of course but you could be after for the Adult rides.  One of my favorites is the G-Force, a spaceshot tower that let the rider go up and down.  Unfortunately, I didn’t capture that moment.

Then  it has a double launched roller coaster, the Fiorano GT Challenge which I consider just another roller coaster ride, not that scary though but it was a good ride; then they have this Ferrari  Simulation where you could pretend as if you’re Michael Schumacher  or Fernando Alonso  battling against known F1 Racers.  Pay extra if you want to move to advanced simulation called Scuderia Challenge,   where you can ride on an authentic F1 race car or sports car;  but I daresay, F1 cars are so fast that the challenge you wouldnt enjoy so much if your not really into racing.  I had to rest for an hour or more to lessen my dizziness that I got from all the bumping.   Good thing I didn’t throw up. Hehe!

Among their rides,  Formula Rossa is the ride I think they are most proud of for it is the fastest roller coaster in the world.  It was unfortunate that I was not able to ride on this because of some technical problem it had.  I left for the advanced simulation but I was so dizzy to go back.  (REASONS!)  It was really a damn feeling! 

Aside from these Ferrari Rides,  another important attraction here is it’s Ferrari History, how much they have grown, what do they made and how do they made their cars.  They have some galleries and videos of it.

 Overall, if you have plans of going to display, you definitely need to spend your whole day.  better to start early have some rides, rest, eat, and go back to some rides over and over again.   It’s tiring, but worth going.

Tired but had fun


Ferrari Website

Ferrari World Wikipedia


4 thoughts on “Ferrari World, An Indoor Amusement Park

  1. i was waiting for you to write about this experience.. It is indeed a fantastic one, the fact that i envy you being an F1 fan myself and you get to enjoy the whole nine yards! Maybe someday… great adventure blog! 🙂

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