The Need to Change on a Changing World

If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary Engelbreit

One shot in Kuwait. It's 48C that day. Ouch!

I’ve been through a lot of changes, not just a minor change but totally a big change.  What I do in the past might totally be different to what I will be doing tomorrow.  I have just changed my career and that would be on a different place.  I’ve been through a series of stress lately that made my training sessions hard to cope out; say, I am still trying to acclimate to the place where I will be working and living.  I  tried working out almost 4 times a week in middle east for the past six weeks but I must say,  that the workout that I am doing was not actually inclinded for a runner.  I ran 3-5K on a treadmill and that it.  I hate treadmills because it’s stationary and I feel it’s boring.  I try going outside for a run but it’s just terrible.  Middle East is extremely arid place.  They even say that it’s already a good weather if it’s 45-47C which is just normal for them.  Okay,  so I just usually stay in the gym to run 3 -5K and work out.  I swim as well sometimes. 

Guilty of putting everything in my tummy. burp

Of course, I wouldn’t blame anyone but myself.  Buffet meal is so inviting you would check most of the stuff not realiazing you’re already full.  Lobster, Shrimps, Fish, Lamb!  It was already a good thing that I sometimes skip the taking the sweets.  I gained weight!  Yes, I have to admit.  Haha!  What else would I need to do but to accept and act upon it soon. 

See-food diet or Sea-food diet?

Don’t get me wrong,  it’s not that I have to avoid these but maybe look up to what’s needs attention; 0n to what my priorities will be.  Of course, if I want to beat myself in future races then I have to at least put it in moderation.   There might not be any weekly races in Kuwait but perhaps I can attempt to joing nearby races like aiming for Dubai Marathon in January. Who knows, I might be able to give it a shot.  We’ll see…


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