Doha Again

Just More of Doha…

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I looked forward to get more of Doha the moment I returned.   Although I just tried taking photos of the city from the car I am in, I was glad enough to get some of the buildings in Doha and it’s sunset.  I was able to go back once again to Aspire Park and Villagio and took more photos.  This time with some friends.  At least I can now have a subject. 

Siam Taste

Eat Today, Wear Tomorrow… – unknown

See Food? See Food?

 Thailand!  We have just arrived.  The first thought was food and and nothing but food because we came famished.  Right after putting our stuff in our rooms in Shang-rila in Chang Mai,  we found ourselves sitting in a big dining table in one of the restaurants there.   Haha!  We ordered as much as we can and we don’t even care what it was or how good it tastes.  Lobster, shrimp, Dumplings, Fish, Chicken,  Phad thai,  Pyomyam. Attack!  We all dig in for it! 

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See Food Diet!  That’s what we all cared about.  Even in the hotel, I tried how strong the spice of their curry was and I should say that they are awesome, just like the way I wanted.  They get too spicy though sometimes so prepare yourself with water, maybe a liter or more.  Anyway,  below are the some of the photos I took.  This may not represent the whole of Thailand though… Dig in!