Salmiya’s Snaps

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.  ~Vincent Van Gogh

Sunset at Salmiya
Night photography is one of the stuff that I care about least.  My poor NikonD40  I claimed that it’s not at it’s best  at night (or maybe I might have not exerted my effort in getting a good shots out of it).
One of my Pindot  friends John invited me along with Nelson for a photowalk.  I also tag-in my coleague to get an opportunity to learn a little bit of what I like to do as well, with the use of tripod, I have just acquired, I had a chance to take some snaps that I like. 

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For your information, Salmiya is one of the largest places in Kuwait with residential and commercial areas and considered as their flagship district for it has the major commercial establishments.  I may think it’s their Makati City, hehe!
On this area, I’ve seen a couple of runners who are running in groups.  Maybe, I can tag along with them one of these days.
There are also bikers and probably a swimming are on the seaside. hmmm…

A View of the City

We all become great explorers during our first few days in a new city… – Mignon Mclaughlin

The City

 One Sunday afternoon I was invited by my coleague to visit  a christian church in Kuwait City.   I was a little bit hesitant at first for I am a neophyte and going back to my place would be a long ride since I live in some suburb locale called Fahaheel.  I agreed to go with him to feed my soul.  🙂

I got a glance of the city and made a few snaps.  We didn’t go anywhere but just go around the area before the mass started.  

The Catholic Church

 T’was dark when the mass ended,  another snap just to see the beauty of the place at night time.

Some Establishments in Kuwait City

Arriving at the KPTC bus station, I saw this huge tower which I have seen before in some photos when I look for some stuffs in the country.   The Kuwait Telecommunications Tower  or the Liberation Tower,  the second highers tower in Kuwait.

Kuwait Telecommunications Tower

Hush,  It was passed 10 PM when I got back to the hotel.  More than an hour of commuting could sometimes be tiring.

Featured Thoughts: Proud Friend

‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles… – Vanessa Carlton

Thanks Team CB for remembering we care. :). This made my day.

It’s been almost two months now since I left the country, with this short period of time, as I look at the Facebook updates of my friends, looks like everyone(or at least many of them) is having a good time in running. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t envy them…  (Pause)

Ok just a little… just a little like 1%; but I am 100% happy for them, to my friends doing Ultra-marathon, friends making it to podium finish, into triathlons. Wow!  I am truly impressed and overwhelmed on how much they have become.  People who I least expected but handled to get through it. Without a doubt, the power of mind is greater than anything else; the power of believing that you can do better.  When I look at their success I become more inspired to do more, to do better; not just on running but on life itself. 

Hah, I am just glad.

To all my friends who run and continuously running congratulations!  I am a proud friend.

 Oh by the way, I just ran 18K today.  Thanks again for the motivation.  🙂

One Kuwait Photowalk

I make fun wherever I go… If I go to a restaurant by myself, rest assured, people will be talking about it. I always have a great deal of fun being with people. It’s part of the journey. – Cloris Leachman

Group Hug for the Haraj Photowalk by Bordz Abrasia (Click the link for the flickr group)

 It’s been two weeks since I got back to Kuwait.   The first thought that I have is to look for a Filipino community so that at least staying here wouldn’t be to much away from home. I look for a running group of course, but considering the weather here,  it looks like running here is not much that of a hobby so I look for a photography group. 

Harajz First View (Overexposed shot but I like it, 🙂 )

The last photography group that I joined is in Sykes Photo Club but my schedule can’t fit there, so it was a failed epic for me; however, this time, now that I have a normal work schedule, I strongly believe that I can now attend to PINDOT ; A Pinoy photography club here in Kuwait. 

 The group organized a photowalk in  a dry market.  Lots of items were there. Leather bags shoes, pots, antique materials,  carpets , perfumes, jewelries; all good stuff to take photos and be a subject;  too bad taking snaps of the locals is a risk.  We were forbidden not to take shots of those people; Oh well, better to be safe though.  Anyway,  below are some of the shots I took. 

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Looking forward for more on this group.  Hee-hah!

Trying Something New

You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  ~Wayne Gretzky

Gel-Kayano 17

I have been an Adidas user the time I started running.  As I have mentioned on one of my old posts, Supernova Sequence I is my first running shoe and it didn’t actually gave me a hard time.  I had 1 of each generation of the shoe as well as three adizero models.  All works fine for me except the F050 because I think it’s just to light for my body weight.

It’s time again to purchase a running shoe.  I would’ve chosen Adidas again but for a change and to at least have a comparison, I chose a different model.  Gel-Kayano-17 (Click the link for the product review) from Asics which I’ve been hearing a lot of good things on the brand back when I started running. As mentioned in the product review, the shoe is good for people who overpronate, just right for a runner like me. I just can’t say much on this pair yet;  It’s a bit costly though but hopefully, this one would worth is cost.

Time to hit the road again…