Trying Something New

You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.  ~Wayne Gretzky

Gel-Kayano 17

I have been an Adidas user the time I started running.  As I have mentioned on one of my old posts, Supernova Sequence I is my first running shoe and it didn’t actually gave me a hard time.  I had 1 of each generation of the shoe as well as three adizero models.  All works fine for me except the F050 because I think it’s just to light for my body weight.

It’s time again to purchase a running shoe.  I would’ve chosen Adidas again but for a change and to at least have a comparison, I chose a different model.  Gel-Kayano-17 (Click the link for the product review) from Asics which I’ve been hearing a lot of good things on the brand back when I started running. As mentioned in the product review, the shoe is good for people who overpronate, just right for a runner like me. I just can’t say much on this pair yet;  It’s a bit costly though but hopefully, this one would worth is cost.

Time to hit the road again…


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