One Kuwait Photowalk

I make fun wherever I go… If I go to a restaurant by myself, rest assured, people will be talking about it. I always have a great deal of fun being with people. It’s part of the journey. – Cloris Leachman

Group Hug for the Haraj Photowalk by Bordz Abrasia (Click the link for the flickr group)

 It’s been two weeks since I got back to Kuwait.   The first thought that I have is to look for a Filipino community so that at least staying here wouldn’t be to much away from home. I look for a running group of course, but considering the weather here,  it looks like running here is not much that of a hobby so I look for a photography group. 

Harajz First View (Overexposed shot but I like it, 🙂 )

The last photography group that I joined is in Sykes Photo Club but my schedule can’t fit there, so it was a failed epic for me; however, this time, now that I have a normal work schedule, I strongly believe that I can now attend to PINDOT ; A Pinoy photography club here in Kuwait. 

 The group organized a photowalk in  a dry market.  Lots of items were there. Leather bags shoes, pots, antique materials,  carpets , perfumes, jewelries; all good stuff to take photos and be a subject;  too bad taking snaps of the locals is a risk.  We were forbidden not to take shots of those people; Oh well, better to be safe though.  Anyway,  below are some of the shots I took. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Looking forward for more on this group.  Hee-hah!


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