Failaka Island Tour

A part of Kuwait history visited…

Failaka Island Location (source: Wikipedia)

Failaka, an island part of Kuwait located east of the country in the Persian Gulf.  I have been excited upon learning from the Pindot Group that we will be going to the island.  Great! It would be another chance for me to add more on my photo stash.

Salmiya Port

Three dinars is all it took for us to have a two way journey to and from this island which is 20KM from the port of Salmiya.  Some us brought cars (they pay more for that),  for us to maximize the trip as the bus may just take you to designated areas only not to mention we can manage our own time and the places to visit.


There’s really not much on the place, everything is history in there.  From the ruins of the past Iraq-Kuwait wars where bullet marks are all visible, to empty canisters all lying on the ground,  standing light posts though I suspect they are not operating at night,  to tank relics, etc…  There’s not really much to see if you’re not really into these kinds of things, but I guess for me, these are all candies for my camera to feed.

We have not worked on going all over the place as we do not have much time.  They’ve mentioned that there’s more to see on the place,  they have a hotel where you could stay overnight and a restaurant which I didn’t see either, hehe!

Have a look on all the photos I took.

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