Doha Corniche

City Buildings on the other side

Last night I thought of going out to get some good ambiance since winter here in Middle East is already in the air.  I grabbed my tripod and my good old but ever reliable Nikon D40 DSLR, called a friend to accompany me, (told her I’ll teach her something new) and had dinner in a Filipino Restaurant (Eat-all-you-can-food-fest) and then off to Corniche.

Cascading man-made fountain with the city backgorund

As we were walking along the sea-side, I’ve noticed some people having a good walk while others are running.   I felt a little pang of envy to them that night.  Oh well, I really intend to take photos anyway. We took couple of shots; check what’s good and what’s not and what could be improved on ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and White balance.   We called it a day at 10.  Hah! Great weather, Arabian nights are now enjoying! 

Ooops!  I notice some dirt on my sensor lens!  Hush, I need to have it edited to remove it now.  Anyway, good thing I still salvage some photos that I can share.  Time to clean the cam.


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